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With our latest release, we aim to better showcase the incredible photos that Strava athletes have been sharing: sunrises, vistas, coffee breaks, group hugs, podium finishes, chocolate croissants and everything in between.

When you use the mobile app to upload a photo to your activity, the photo will be featured as the Highlight Image for that activity. If you don't upload any photos, we'll feature the map of your activity as we've always done. 



Changing your Default Highlight Image

On Mobile

Maps are worth sharing, too! Individual athletes can indicate whether they generally prefer to showcase their activities' photos or maps on the Strava Activity Feed. To modify this preference, visit the Settings menu on mobile and look for Default Highlight Image. Tap the setting to toggle between Photo and Map


On the Web

The Default Highlight Image setting can be toggled on the web by visiting and toggling the preference depicted below.




I uploaded more than one photo. Which one will be featured?

If you upload multiple photos to an activity, the photo taken earliest will appear as your activity's Highlight Image. Usually, that means the first photo from a set of photos. Please note: many third-party photo editing apps will inadvertently modify the metadata we use to determine which photo is the oldest.


Please submit your feedback using this form.

We are looking forward to iterating on and improving this feature and continuing to push Strava forward as the best social network for athletes.

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