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Strava is one of those places that gets better and better with more people. So, by joining the global community of athletes on Strava, you are adding to the fun and motivation of everyone here. Thanks for joining us.

There’s something in it for you, too. At Strava, we believe that effort inspires effort. Strava will soon connect you daily with others like you around your workouts, races and experiences. We call that social fitness-- sharing, comparing and competing with your personal fitness data. Whether you are at the top of your game or just enjoying the ride right now, Strava puts your life as an athlete into context. 

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General system requirements

Strava is currently compatible with a number of browsers. Windows users can access Strava using IE 9 or higher, Firefox 6 or higher, or Chrome. Mac users can access Strava using Firefox 6 or higher, Safari 5.1 or higher, or Chrome.


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