Moving your activity history from Runtastic to Strava

To transfer your activities from Runtastic to Strava you'll need to export individual activities from Runtastic and upload them to Strava from our Upload page. 

  1. Go to an activity on Runtastic.
  2. Above the activity and next to the activity type you'll see a gear icon click on it, then click "Export as .tcx" and the file will be downloaded to your download folder.
  3. Repeat step 2 for all activities you'd like to export and upload to Strava.
  4. Log in to your account on Strava.
  5. Click Upload from the top right of any page and then "From File" and browse to select the file(s) you downloaded. NOTE: files can be bulk uploaded to Strava in groups of up to 25.
  6. Name your activities, and adjust the activity types as necessary.
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  • I had the same problem of the false results, but I think I found a way of solving it. It's quite simple, actually. 1. On your Strava account, go to "My Activities", under "Training"; 2. Edit an activity; 3. Change the "Workout Type" from "Run" to "Race" and save. I did that in all the activities and the results now are about the same as in Runtastic. Of course, it's a bit annoying having to edit all the activities one by one, but I didn't find another way. Hope it works for you.

  • Very easy instructions to download all your Runtastic activities in bulk can be found here:


  • the Android app syncMyTracks [1] has been useful to me


  • Automatic??

  • Doesn't seem to work and advice appears to be out of date

  • The bug is still alive, it changed my average pace from 4m:51s /km to 3m:35s /km. Flattering, but unfortunately not true.



    Same results using tcx and gpx files.

  • It did not work. When importing activities for Strava turned a super athlete. The maximum speed in some sections prticmente doubled. Funny that when importing to the Endomondo no problem. lguma tip on how to correct these inconsistencies?

    Sorry for the translation. I do not speak English.

  • I have the same problem as Lauro Alves.

    I downloaded a 6.7km run (37:11) from Runtastic, but when I upload to Strava it changes to 6.7km in only 26:47. This does not reflect reality because I am simply not that fast...

    What to do?

  • Hello, I wrote a script to correct Moving Time. You can download it on this webpage:

    I had good results on my Runtastic recordings.

    Hoping that it will be helpfull, please don't hesitate to provide feedback.

  • Use for bulk download.

  • This Method is obsolete!

  • I am having issues just saving the Runtastic files to my computer. When I go to export the file, it opens in a new browser window and doesn't give me an option to actually save to my hard drive. I have tried three different computers (both Mac and Windows) using Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

    I even tried gpx, tcx, and kml to no avail.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

  • Hi fellows.

    Best process for me was export all activities from Runtastic (Settings - Export) - will receive an email with a zip file

    After use to convert all "Sport-sessions\GPS-data" (Json format files) to .gpx.

    Then upload .gpx files to Strava (

  • Connecting zerone health pro to strava my speed data and time data are improving to much. Why? What can I do?

  • I'm happy to look into the issue with the time code. Could those of you who see this issue pass along some examples and clearly indicate what the time should be on Strava?

  • My problem is, that the time code is not correct. I start at 20:00 a clock witch runtastic and import the gpx with strava. Strava now shows 11:00 as starting time.

  • like Manda Doru said
    "The solution from Luís Miguel N. works for me.Thanks."
    For me, too.
    But counts only total time

    So Strava had to fix it
    in earlier times it wasn't a prob

  • Thank you Richardson D. but i cant du that i dont understand nothing...

  • i want support Runstatic to strava

  • The export from runtastic does not import the distance and heart rate data in strava, makes it a bit pointless

  • Worked perfectly also for Mac. Thank you!!

  • I can second Pierre's comment. I don't know if it's a bug in the way that Runtastic exports the data, a bug in the way Strava is importing the data, or both.

    But it's a bad bug that makes the feature not really usable for me and others.

  • Guys, remember that strava don't show the activi's total time, he show the total time without stops.

  • I just tried the tool which was made by Clement Goillot (see previous comment) it seems to solve the problem pretty well!

  • The down arrow next to the edit button now only has an option to delete, no download. Is there a work around for this? I attempted running the script from the link posted, but it only downloaded empty files. Thanks

  • exporting and importing in gfx form also seems to work. Any advantages to using this article's recommended tcx vs gfx? Which is better?

  • I also get false results (in my advantage....) when importing either .gpx or.tcx files from Runtastic into Strava. Any way to correct this?

  • Before I got my Polar watch I was using Runtastic and was also getting the incorrect times (it would underestimate moving time) I had to change all of my Runtastic imports to races so it would calculate based on elapsed time instead of moving time.

  • runtastic to strava - always cuts minutes off the total time, and posts erroneous splits that are too fast. Not cool.

  • Same problem from runtastic import. "Temps écoulé"  30 minutes (real running time), "temps de déplacement" 20:45 minutes ???? All the stats are false !!!!!!

    Any suggestions ????

    If not, bye bye Strava et bad buzz around the web.

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