Moving your activity history from Endomondo to Strava

To transfer your activities from Endomondo to Strava you'll need to export individual activities from Endomondo and upload them to Strava from our upload page.

  1. Go to an activity on Endomondo.
  2. Above the activity and to the right of the activity map, hover over "More Options" and then click on "Export". Select GPX file to download (do not select .tcx as Strava does not accept the version of tcx that is currently being produced by Endomondo) and the file will be downloaded to your download folder.
  3. Repeat step 2 for all activities you'd like to export and upload to Strava.
  4. Log in to your account on Strava.
  5. Click Upload from the top right of any page and then "From File" and browse to select the file(s) you downloaded. NOTE: files can be bulk uploaded to Strava in groups of up to 25.
  6. Name your activities, and adjust the activity types as necessary.
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  • Can you also do this to upload from Strava to Endomondo?

  • or automatically on

  • @ Carol Tower Yes you can

  • You theoretically could move data from Stava to Endomondo... but why would you want to. Have you see the new Endomondo interface? It's a mess.

  • Some people just have contacts on other "platforms" and thus want to have their activities on several websites

  • Yes, that is exactly why I'd like to do that. :)

  • I thought you had found how to do it. If it wasn't the case, here it is :

    1) In your feed, click on the activity you want to export

    2) On the left there is a button to edit the activity and another one that says "Actions" (the spanner). Click this one and export to gpx

    3) Save the file on your computer

    4) On the Endomondo website click on "Add workout" at the top of the screen

    5) Then import from file and browse your pc to find the gpx file that comes from Strava

    That's all !

  • I'm importing from Endomondo and I find that Strava recalculates the time with a very large discrepancy every time.   The Endomondo time appears correct.    Why would the two files sites have vastly different results?  

  • @Ray Brennan I guess this problem comes from the way the "moving time" is calculated on Strava. Depending on the time between two consecutive measures your position may not be different enough for Strava to consider you are moving. If you have a look at the gpx files coming from Endomondo you'll see that a lot of points have the same gps coordinates but a different time. The elapsed time between those points is not taken into account in your Strava "moving time". But it is in your Strava "total time".

  • @Benjamin Bera Is it possible to edit moving time? I have the same problem as @Ray Brennan. When I import from Endomondo the moving time is slower then elapsed time. On set the right time for every calculating (pace, ...) the elapsed time

  • save yourselves the hassle of manual syncing and use It's fully automatic bi-directional syncing for a small yearly donation. I've been using it for a while now and it's the best!

  • hi. What shall I do if i'd like to transfer couple of years endomondo data? One by one is fine, but need some time... Is there any additional tools that can scan and transfer data? without 3rd party web-sites?

  • I wrote a tool that can scrape all Endomondo workouts - they have no rate limiting or bot detection :-). I'll share it so hopefully it can help someone else out:

    I exported >400 workouts with it in about a minute. You can then only import 25 at a time to Strava but that's at least do-able. I'd grab it quick as it relies on some non-public API's and the structure of some of the pages so may break soon.

  • Andrew Kar: You can use for that

  • I have wrong lap times after exporting from endomondo to strava. Total workout time is on OK, but gap / time per km is completely wrong, not because of algorithm ( e.g. I get 55 s per km instead of 6:00)

    Did anyone experience such a problem?

  • I'm getting massive discrepancies between my Endomondo pace (8:30/mile) compared to Strava (1:12) although the total moving time and average pace are correct as are the times for segments.

  • since October 2016 rides I've downloaded as .tcx or .gpx from Endomondo have zero moving time and distance when uploaded to Strava but segments still work?

  • If I transfer activity from other application such as Endomondo, Wahoo fitness, Ride with GPS the sagments on Strava will record or not?

    I think general data (distant, speed, cadence etc.) can transfer but not sure about sagments.

  • Should I be able to transfer Endomondo file to Strava on a Samsung phone without using a computer?
    I can't find the "More Options"


  • Have you tried browsing Endomondo in "Computer mode" in your web browser ? I know Android allows you to do that.

  • Hi, do you need to be a paid account in order to performing this transfer fm Endomondo to Strava and vice-versa?

  • Hi, I get the following error while uploading from history from Endomondo to Strava "Server Error. This can be caused by file names with odd characters like % or foreign characters. ". Name of the file is "20171127_022859.gpx". I tried renaming this file in several ways, but still keep getting this error. Any idea on what the issue is here?

  • Good

  • Could be nice to have possibility to import all your trainings from Endomondo. So much work to import file by file when you have a lot of activities in your history.

  • Hi Strava, how to stop the free trial? Because I don’t want to use strava.. please reply.. thanks

  • ok

  • I can't do it. Windows 10 phone here

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