Moving your activity history from MapMyRun to Strava

To transfer your activities from MapMyRun to Strava you'll need to export individual activities from MapMyRun and upload them to Strava from our Upload page. 

  1. Go to an activity on MapMyRun.
  2. Click on the "TCX" button in the middle area of the activity overview section.
  3. Follow the instructions on the page which will produce a GPX file and the file will be downloaded to your download folder.
  4. Repeat step 3 for all activities you'd like to export and upload to Strava.
  5. Log in to your account on Strava.
  6. Click Upload from the top right of any page and then "From File" and browse to select the file(s) you downloaded. NOTE: files can be bulk uploaded to Strava in groups of up to 25.
  7. Name your activities, and adjust the activity types as necessary.
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  • I have failed to do this. Tried several times to upload, but an error occurs every time.
    Frustrating, as MMR recorded this mornings ride while strava did not :-((

  • Continually shows this message:

    "Bad Workout Id specified or other unknown error occurred. Please try again."


  • I am only a free member of MMR and I hear that you have to be a VIP member to be able to transfer using that application. Before I join I want to know if it works before wasting my money. I noticed you can join for free for a month though.

  • Has this worked for anyone transferring their workouts from MapMyRun to Strava?

  • This worked perfectly for me... 

  • I get the same message Bad Workout Id. Doesn't work!

  • Make sure the MMR activity is set to global, and not private - that will remove the error many of you are reporting.

  • Worked perfectly for me.  Really clear instructions.  Thank you!

  • Doesn't work. :-(

  • Ensure your workout in MapMyRun is set to 'Public' - and it will work.

  • I have a little over 300 workouts in MMR that i'd like to bring over to Strava.  I tried to do my most recent one by following the steps listed and it worked the very first time.  My question though, is there a way to do a mass export from MMR and not do the listed steps over and over and over 300+ times?  Will signing up for the MVP membership allow me to do this?

  • I get

    "No lap data was found in this workout; this is almost certainly caused by MMR losing your time data. Please double check the workout ID or contact mike at for additional help."

  • Hey Guys-- I was getting the 'Bad Workout Id as well, but it looks like Strava can import TCX files now. Login to MMR, go into each workout, and click the TCX button. This will download the raw TCX file that you can upload into Strava directly 

  • Thanks Chris. That worked for me. Not a MVP member either.

  • Works a treat, have been using the mikeaplumbo convertor but has stopped working recently. Used this to transfer a ride, a few segments seemed to disappear but all in all it did the job well! Thanks.

  • No problem with MMR but unable to get Strava to work. I am VIP in Strava but not on MMR. Need I be a VIP on both? this gets expensive.

  • I can't even see a TCX button, what am i doing wrong?

  • I can't find a tcx button I'm a premium user for both strava and map my fitness

  • Worked fine and I am not a premium/VIP member of MMR or Strava.
    Although I did only try one at a time, just to be sure it worked.

  • I had no problem and I'm not a premium member of MMR. Used the desktop version of MMR, maybe that's the issue for some people?

  • Worked OK for me. Exported two TCX files onto my Mac, then successfully uploaded them into Strava. Note: the computer saved the exported TCX files from the MapMyRide website as abcxyz.tcx.txt text files. I chopped off the .txt suffix, leaving it as .tcx (Mac asks to confirm this filetype change) and then I continued with the upload process into Strava.

  • The Stava end seems to be hanging on the "processing" side of things. Over an hour now for only five workouts. Is this normal?

  • Where is the "TCX" button? See nothing of the sort anywhere on MMR

  • Like Bob Wiker above I found the same slightly irritating feature - the downloaded TCX file had the suffix ".txt" added preventing Strava from uploading it. Then it worked perfectly!

  • What tcx button? So far strava sucks

  • Hi Denise, Maybe Mapmyfitness has changed something recently regarding their activity download options.

    @Andy, perhaps you can pass along how you downloaded the TCX version from MMF even with the .txt suffix?

  • Ok i got the .tcx file from mmr on my macbook. (chopped off the .txt )
    But when i'll try tot upload it on strava i get a red shaded text which says : "Selecteer enkel bestanden die op .tcx, .fit of .gpx eindigen." i can only select files ending on .tcx, .fit or .gpx.

    So how can i fix this?

    Edit: had to remove the txt again in the info box of the file, because it was only hiding the extentie

  • Dan- I had to log-in on my desk top to see the TCX button.

  • Hi guys. So I've figured out why a lot of you might be having difficulties.

    It's what Ciska A. said a few days earlier.

    When you click TCX on MapMyRun it populates a Text file with an extension .tcx.txt

    You need to make 2 changes to this before attempting to add to Strava.

    (1) remove .txt from the file name (to make it .tcx at the end)
    (2) remove .txt from the Get Info tab (Name & Extension) to also just leave .tcx at the end

    Then it should work when you attempt to upload to Strava.

    Thanks Ciska A. - very helpful advice!

  • Thanks Ciska A. and Jonny B.! That solved it for me!

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