Moving your activity history from MapMyRun to Strava

To transfer your activities from MapMyRun to Strava you'll need to export individual activities from MapMyRun and upload them to Strava from our Upload page. 

  1. Go to an activity on MapMyRun.
  2. Click on the "TCX" button in the middle area of the activity overview section.
  3. Follow the instructions on the page which will produce a GPX file and the file will be downloaded to your download folder.
  4. Repeat step 3 for all activities you'd like to export and upload to Strava.
  5. Log in to your account on Strava.
  6. Click Upload from the top right of any page and then "From File" and browse to select the file(s) you downloaded. NOTE: files can be bulk uploaded to Strava in groups of up to 25.
  7. Name your activities, and adjust the activity types as necessary.
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  • I had some problems uploading TCX files sometimes they don't load.
    As previously mentioned changing the file type from .txt.tcx to .tcx , works, but not always. The only foolproof way I've found if you have error loading .TCX file, is
    1) Export to TCX make sure file type is name.TCX (by removing .TXT)
    2) Import file into Connect.Garmin
    3) in connect.garmin, go to view the activity, then top right corner is a Gear icon, select it and export to GPX
    4) Go to Strava and import the .GPX file using the (+) button top right hand corner - select .GPX file created in step 3

  • I have downloading my .tcx files from MMR and every time I try and upload them to Strava, I get an "unrecognized file type." I do not have the .txt error that people above have mentioned. The .tcx files are over 1MB, so I know there is data in them. I have downloaded the TCX files on my PC desktop and tried Chrome and FIrefox to no avail. Please assist.

  • My MMF .tcx files are suddenly not readable by Strava, did MMR or Strava make a change to the file format or api?

  • As I mentioned before, best way is to use Connect.Garmin as intermediary. You don't need a Garmin to use the site.

  • Same problem as the last 2 posts, have the "Unrecognized file type?" message after uploading the tcx file dowloaded from MMR.

  • I am having the same problem - I have two tcx (not txt) files downloaded from MMR, and when I try to upload them to Strava I get an "unrecognised file type" error. What's happening?

  • I'm having the same issue. Just signed up with Strava, looking to import my MMR files. I exported one file and it gave me a properly named .tcx file.

    I uploaded it to Strava which tells me "Uploading Complete" followed by a painfully red bar with the text "Unrecognized file type? Ran 5.00 mi on 03_06_2017.tcx".

    I changed the file extension to .XML, and Firefox opens it just fine and shows me what looks like a completely structured XML file - it doesn't appear that there are any broken sections in it.

    I'm reporting this to tech support at Strava to see if they can come up with a fix.


    I got a very fast response from Strava tech support. It seems MMR made a change in their exports recently that dropped a tag from their export files. Strava is working with MMR to get them to add it back in.

    By adding the text tag

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    to the very beginning of the .tcx file, it will import with no issues. I just imported a MMR run with that added to the beginning of the file.


  • I happened to open up the .tcx file this morning and noticed the tag missing. I opened all the files in notepad, added the tag, and they uploaded perfectly to Strava

  • Thanks to Brett Shepard - you sorted it buddy!!!

    It's adding the at the start of the .tcx file that has worked. One thing you need to do though is to hit the return button after typing this in otherwise it doesn't seem to work.

    Hope this sorts it for all. If you need the first part of this - please check my other post on page 1 of this forum.

    Nice! Keep running guys and girls. X

  • Hi Brett thanks for that. By adding the text tag to the file it works perfectly. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  • I used MapMyRun for years... like others, I've been frustrated that they make it so hard to export data, and at this point they even make it nearly impossible to view your own historical data (they have no list view any more). But I was still hanging on because I had so much history built up there. I finally bit the bullet and wrote code to grab my entire run history as .tcx files from MapMyRun, and happily uploaded them to Strava. Along the way I made this nifty table of my runs:

    With any luck I'm done with MapMyRun! Happy to share code on request; will not post publicly.


  • Hi Dan, I have also faced the same problem and would appreciate any resource you could provide me in order to download this information from MapMyRun. You can contact me at Thanks very much for your support in advance. Best.

  • When you "download all workouts" from MMR, you don't actually get the TCX files, you get a CSV file that contains the information that you need to get to the links.

    I created some formulas in Excel so I could paste the CSV data in and have it build a link to every one of my workouts. It didn't take long for me to click all the links in Excel and have my default browser download the files. From there it was easy to load them into Strava in batches of 15-20.

    I'd be happy to share the empty Excel workbook if anyone would like it.

  • Hi Dan
    I would love it if you could share the code with me! Email
    Thanks so much - I also want to move from mapmyrun to strava, but don't want to lose my history!

  • Dan, same issues here. It seems like MMR is doing a lot to keep their data to themselves, because they fear losing users. Nike has done the same. Could you email me your code and any instructions I might need ( I'd love to give that a try. Thanks!

  • @Rohit - I just sent you the Excel template with instructions. Sorry about the delayed response...

  • I just posted my code to:

    It's not really ready to out-of-the-box use without writing any code, but all the pieces are there. It made this Web page for me:

    ...and I imported several years of MMR history to Strava using these tools:

    Hope it's helpful!


  • Hey Dan - would you be able to assist me with exporting my history from MMR - im not really a coder

  • @Daniel Ivey:

    Sorry, I don't have time to build this into a tool that's non-coder-friendly. Maybe someone else on the thread wants to pick it up where I left off and build it into a Web service or similar. Alternatively, the effort to build it into a command-line tool would be pretty minimal.

    Also at present, it does require downloading your workout history (just the list of workout IDs) into a .csv file, which requires temporarily signing up for MMR Premium (a $5 investment). In the README.txt, I list some other ways to potentially handle this step.


  • These instructions worked perfectly for me - thanks!!!

  • I have a Mac - when I click TCX for a particular workout in MMM, I get a .txt.tcx file, but when I remove the .txt and try to upload the .tcx file to Strava, it will not work. Any help appreciated!

  • just remove the TXT file note at the end of the file name as below

    Mac - in 'get info' when you right click on the file. amend and then click press enter. a box will come up and press 'use txc".
    PC - right click on the name and press 'properties' and amend the file name.

  • I've found it makes the download a txt file if I'm using Safari, but it downloads the TCX file if I'm using Chrome.

  • My old runs/rides from 2011 won't upload as .txc files, but the more recent ones will upload. Does anyone know what I need to do to the old files to get them to upload? And at what date will my more recent work out load just fine with Strava? I have tried uploading the older workouts to to Garmin Connect and downloading as GPX, but the system doesn't give me that option (I see the button, but it's grayed out so I cannot click on it). I have also tried converting to GPX using, but gpsies claims the file contains no data. Any advice?

  • obrigado

  • In case anyone is interested, I wrote a Python script to download all the TCX files for a given month and year from MMR.
    It can be found here:

    One caveat, it will download whatever is in the calendar view. This means there might be a couple days before or after the month period (like a calendar would typically display). This is fine since duplicated TXC files are detected upon import into Strava.


  • The upload worked for me, but the workout data is partially wrong. To be precise, Strava gets the duration and distance right from the tcx file, but it wrongly infers a run time (19:50m) much smaller than the duration (1:02h, presumably derived from this tag in the tcx file 3751.0). This results in completely off pace estimates. Weirdly enough, the individual segments had the correct duration estimates, as did estimates used for the badges ("Fastest 10k" in this case). Any advice?

  • Paul How do I run this?

  • @Shane: It will vary based on what operating system you have.

    This is how I do it on a Mac:

    - Copy the text from that script into a file named:
    - Open a terminal and type: python
    - Answer the questions
    - The files should then be downloaded into a directory named "data". You'll need to do this for each month IIRC.
    - You then upload these files in batches up to Strava.

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