Multisport Files and Splitting Activities

Strava is now able to automatically split most multi-sport fit files from devices such as the 310xt, 910xt, or the 920xt. When you upload a multi-sport fit file, Strava's file parser will separate it into multiple activities during the upload process.


My activity wasn't split. How can I separate my activity into separate sports?

If you uploaded a multi-sport file and it wasn't automatically split, it's likely your device does not follow conventional multi-sport formatting or the file is not in FIT format. If this is the case, you can use our activity split tool to split the one activity into separate activities. To learn more about the activity split tool please refer to the our Help Center article on the subject. 

Please note: We do not recommend attempting to split the file yourself by cropping different portions and reuploading the GPX file. These uploads will likely be detected as duplicates and you will be left with one partial activity. 

If your activity is split properly on Garmin Connect and for some reason does not split in Strava, you can export the individual .TCX files from Garmin Connect, and upload those to Strava. 

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