Strava's Maps: How to send Feedback

The Strava website uses maps provided by Mapbox, with the data for roads, places, parks, and trails sourced from OpenStreetMap. Strava provides three maps for viewing your activities on the Strava website: Terrain, Standard and Satellite. Terrain data is based on sources from InterMap and over a dozen of country-specific sources. Satellite imagery is sourced from DigitalGlobe, NASA and Mapbox. 

Stay updated on the evolving map design and updates.

Map Feedback:

This article describes the maps on Strava and explains how to provide valuable feedback to improve the maps for the entire community. We continuously update our maps based on your activities and feedback. Working behind the scenes, your aggregate activity data is used to verify map accuracy and power the Strava Routes basemap. If you discover a problem, you can send us specific information to help us improve the maps on Strava.

Send map feedback from the Activity page:




Send map feedback from the Route builder:


Visualize reported errors using the Strava Routing Errors Labs project:Screenshot_2017-06-16_11.35.54.png

What's Next:

As part of our commitment to improve Strava on multiple devices, we strongly believe the move to OpenStreetMap is the best choice for our athletes. Mapbox gives Strava the ability to create custom maps that will provide more flexibility and sport-specific designs. Additionally, using OpenStreetMap also opens the door to the community as a whole to easily contribute back to the data powering the maps, ultimately improving the experience for Strava athletes, which is our core goal. 
We're doing everything we can to maximize the Mapbox experience quickly. We’ve only just scratched the surface of our partnership with Mapbox and OSM and we’re committed to delivering the best cycling and running maps possible.



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