How to upload Nike+ activities to Strava

At this time, there is no official sync service between Nike and Strava, however, there are a number of 3rd party solutions built by developers using the Strava API. Here are some sync services recommended by our community: 

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  • I gave up on using the Nike Run Club app on the watch. I had nothing but problems. Poor GPS data, missing GPS data, and a crashing watch app. 3 out of 9 runs with the watch had problems and that does not even include the difficulty with getting the runs to Strava, though I am extremely appreciative of everyone in this thread who have posted their experience with the equally awesome people who have worked on developing solutions. I have now run three times using the Runkeeper watch app (standalone) and had absolutely no problems at all...none. Tapiirik then syncs my Runkeeper run to Garmin and Smashrun with HR data. The only thing that doesn't happen after using the Runkeeper watch app is the run getting uploaded to Nike Run Club. However, I'm mostly interested in Strava so am happy...for now. Still need to get more runs tested.

  • This thread has been very useful. I got the Nike+ Apple Watch 2 a few weeks ago, and was looking forward to running (with bluetooth headphones) without the bulky iPhone or Garmin Fenix3. It worked nicely until I tried to get the data to Strava. From the suggestions above, I'm currently using SmashRun to pull from Nike+, then using FitnessSyncer to sync between SmashRun and Strava, and it's worked for every run so far (about 8 runs). I was surprised that SmashRun pulled in ALL of my past activity from Nike+ and FitnessSyncer was actually smart enough not to duplicate my old activities to Strava!

    Now considering the RunGap app to potentially eliminate one of the steps.

  • Hey Stijn, that's odd and not the first time I hear of this issue. I explicitly tell Strava that the activities uploaded through my tool are runs, but for some it turns them into rides. I'll investigate and hopefully find a way to get them all tagged correctly. Cheers!

  • Hi Vincent. Login to Nike+ fails. This is the first time i've tried to use your software. The details are correct (double, triple, quadruple checked) and is the same on both Firefox and chrome.... Any ideas?

  • HI Vincent. I was so frustrated with the latest Nike+ update (now Nike + Run Club) that I want to migrate my data to Strave. I tried your tool several times today, but each time I get stuck on step 3. The process circle continuous to run, but does not load/display any runs.
    Any thoughts?

  • "Should be good to go now, I've tested on my end nothing's wrong but I only have so much data (and mine's getting a bit stale tbh). Any new issue please send me an email as it's easier to keep track that way."

    Vincent, great job! the tool is working now.
    But it did not list my April 09 run, but it listed my April 11 run and the previous ones. Strange. Anyway, I added it manually.
    Please share your email address. Thank you!

  • I used RunGap too for the past months and it worked like a charm. BUT recently it does not import my Nike+ activity anymore. Damn! ;-(

    Hi Paul, Thanks for your tool! Looks promising but it seems it doesn't sync to Strave atm, at least in my case. My Nike+ runs are shown, but once Strava icon clicked nothing happens (processing dots shown but it won't complete).
    Could you check/test again? THX

  • Hi all,

    I am having problems to use any of this solution because I have to log in my Nike+ with facebook.

    Is there a way to work around? Like change my account to normal login?

    Thank you.

  • I've just found this Chrome extension and it works pretty well. I exported my latest runs from Nike+ and it brought over the HR and GPS info no problem:

  • Only (Android) worked for me, and worked perfectly and fast.

  • i am having the same issue as is not taking my Nike Plus credentials even though they work fine on the Nike site. They must have found another way to block your hack......any ideas?

  • Hi @Steven Agar,
    That's true, I only include HR data on TCX (at the moment), because HR is not supported by the basic version of GPX.
    For info when you sync your data with Strava, I upload the TCX file to create the activity.

    @Michael Kennedy,@Steven Agar, Glad to know, that it works for you !


  • @Patrick N. could you use the contact form at the bottom of the homepage, to send me more details (user / activity with strange infos ...), I'll be glad to help you !


  • Hi Molson, it's highly unlikely that my tool would remove any data off your Nike+ account. It just does not have that kind of access. Heart rate not showing in Strava depends on which version you're using, but regardless there's room for improvement and that should be tackled soon as I find some time in the coming weeks. You can always reach me directly so we can look at the issue closer together.

  • Hi, to sync I use Nike+ -> SmashRun -> or -> Strava. But today I can't fully sync my run from SmashRun to Strava using either or What I get is only Distance, duration, and Pace. And don't get synced GPS, map, heart rate, etc. It used to work in 2016, now it does not. What happened? How to sync?

  • Hi Sebastian,

    The issue has been fixed.
    For unknown reason, some user have activities without elevation data, which causes the sync issue.
    Should be fine now!

  • I believe there is a Nike API issue that gives intermittent issues with signing in to these 3rd party converters. About 3/4 of the time I try logging in with my Nike+ credentials in the converter page, I get a standard error about my username/password being incorrect. I know that is not the case. Using devtools, I see that a 500 Internal Server Error is being returned from the request. I'm not sure if this is due to the way the apps are formatting the request, or if it is actually an API issue on Nike's side.

    Any one else run into this from time to time?

  • EDIT: Problem solved. it was just last run that was not correct.

  • Hi Vincent, I was thrilled to hear of your tool ! And all the great feedback from other users. I am stuck at step #2. I was sure to enter same email and password for Nike+ but kept getting the error message. Sounds like a hopeless case.. any advice?

  • Hi @Paul D., thanks for following up. I was able to use your tool yesterday without a problem, however when I tried to use it today, the homepage would not load completely and I was not able to log-in to either nike or strava accounts for the sync.

  • @Vincent thanks very much for your tool. I had problems transferring a run on Saturday from Nike+ RunClub to Strava using the normally reliable RunGap App. The GPS map was transferred but no pace or start/finish times - weird. Anyway your tool worked great and all came across correctly. I note it does not transfer Heart Rate. Not too much of a problem as the Nike+ App transfers this to Apple Health anyway where I can look at recovery HR, VO2 Max etc.

    Unfortunately, despite the problems transferring from Nike+ it's still the best app after my testing on the Apple Watch 2 for runners. Nike+ tracks GPS way better than the Strava AW2 App and even the standard Activity App. I'd like some reasonably accurate pace times, distance, segments etc. and at the moment Nike+ is the way to go.

  • Hey, @Paul D.

    I imported to Strava. The GPX didn't transfer HR data, but the TCX did! Great news, thanks for the heads up and all your efforts... the Nike Run Apple Watch app is by far the best option on the platform so far... thanks again

  • Just pushed a new version of the tool online, everything should be back to normal. Do let me know if you have any issue still.

  • Tiago, does the Runkeeper app support elevation tracking on its runs with the AW2?

  • @Timo Campos - Same error on Nike+/Smashrun/Tapiirik when importing Apple Watch Series 2 runs. Might reach out to Tapiirik developer to see if they can help

  • Hey Vincent, looks like your site no longer works? It redirects me to the pro version then the page doesn't open. Anyway, I transferred my data through tapiriik and there was a HUGE difference between Nike+ and Strave.. My 10K runs are now 5.1 and the 6km runs appered 3km on Strava.. I don't know what's wrong

  • Hi Vincent, Thanks for the sync tool
    However this tool is wiping out my heart rate data from Nike+ account. Also it doesn't show heart rate in Strava!
    Looks like a bug.

  • Nike+'s API won't be "fixed" soon. It was purposefully locked down from most third parties, especially homegrown ones that simply helped get your data out and onto other sites like Strava and SmashRun.

    I have been able to successfully export my activities (on a per-activity basis) since the lockdown using a somewhat manual process that I hope I can make faster and open up to people, I'll post back here when it's ready for people to test.

  • Nike and other fitness trackers will have to resolve this by May 2018 as General Data Protection Regulation coming in to force in the EU. The data subjects (users of these apps) have the right to data portability of their personal data eg. GPS tracking and heart rate information.

  • Hey Alex, that is pretty odd. There are some miscalculations on occasions but the total distance should stay the same. There might have been some runs that did not get transferred, would that be possible? When the server is hit with high traffic it drops a few requests here and there..

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