How to upload Nike+ activities to Strava

At this time, there is no official sync service between Nike and Strava, however, there are a number of 3rd party solutions built by developers using the Strava API. Here are some sync services recommended by our community: 

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  • Adam, thanks! I gave the Chrome extension a shot yesterday, and after the Nike+ activity page re-loaded, there was no prompt that I saw... And today, alas, the extension has been disabled by Chrome... I'll keep checking back to see if you make more progress or get it into the Store.

    If you need help testing, etc., I'm, and would be happy to help!

  • Hi Adam

    I tried to visit your website today but the download is no longer available. Meanwhile, you mention that "It appears SmashRun has regained their API access to Nike+. My job here is done."

    Does it mean that I can sync my runs from SmashRun to Strava?

  • I used Adam's recommendation to use SmashRun. Worked like a charm! I'll need to think twice about using Nike+ though.

  • Here's an option that's working as of this morning:

    It walks you through exporting your Nike+ data to Smashrun, then synching Smashrun to Strava. It took me less than 5 minutes this morning to get my Nike+ runs to Strava.

  • Howard,

    Yes, using as an intermediate. Go to and link your SmashRun and Strava accounts and then sync them after you have finished a workout.

    Most of my friends are on Strava, but I find SmashRun's analysis tools to be excellent.

  • Hi Howard, Smash run syncs with Nike +. Use tapiriik to sync Smash Run and Strava. Worked for me.

  • Thanks all, it just worked perfectly for me!

  • As of today, none of these work. I have tried them all unsuccessfully for days on end. Nike has closed loopholes so none of these sites can hack in to transfer data. Any other ideas out there?

  • Siobhan,

    Using SmashRun to sync Nike+ (and then using to get the data into Strava) works just fine as of October 11, 2016 - just tested it.

  • The chrome extension is still working for me. I'm just re-installing the extension each time I restart chrome.

  • Agreed, i've tried all of the websites and hacks I can find this morning and none of them are able to access my Nike account. Hopefully someone smart will find a hack around it soon...

  • Adam, thank you! I followed those steps and I'm back on Strava now (as of October 19, 2016). I appreciate the help. Richard, if you need any help let us know.

  • Only (Android) worked for me, and worked perfectly and fast.

  • Desde el lunes no me funciona ningun sistema de exportacion de nike. Alguien ha conseguido alguno?.
    El smashrun junto con tapiriik solo me exporta a strava la distancia y duracion de la carrera, sin mapas ni los tiempos de los km.
    Por favor si alguien es capaz de exportar sus actividades NIKE que me lo diga. Mi correo es


  • I'm a beginner and my best run is locked away into Nike+ :(

    My second best is locked away into Google Fit :(

    Oh well, I'm sure I'll do better than both soon!

    Maybe :(

  • Thanks everyone here that have been caring enough to post ways to migrate our running data
    I'm also a Nike+ dissident. I believe they show poor customer management and app re-design
    I really enjoyed Nike+ until they went with the NRC update and made everything really complicated and overall really bad re-design of a tool that was working really well for most of us.
    Thanks to Adam Jenkins in particular, your recommendation still works, just migrated all of my run history to Strava. I'm loving this App!

  • Synkmytracks e smashrun funcionavam para mim. Mas para minha última corrida nenhum deles está funcionando. Eu acho que algo mudou no aplicativo da Nike. Se alguém achar uma solução, por favor, me avise.

    Synkmytrack and smashrun worked for me. But for my last run none of them work. I think something change on the Nike app. If someone find a solution, please, tell me.

  • Hi Vincent! Your tool looks great but for some reason I can't sign up to Nike+

  • Hi guys,

    After wasting a couple of hours of my life (thanks Apple/Nike) trying to sync my run data from my Apple Watch Series 2, which now has integrated GPS and doesn't require the iPhone anymore for mapping runs, I tried the Nike+/Smashrun/Tapiirik route with no sucess. I was able to sync to Smashrun but then Tapiirik returned the following error: "Strava: This activity contains unusual data that is most likely incorrect."

    Since I don't currently own an Android phone, I didn't have a straight chance to try the route.
    What I did then was installing an Android emulator (works in MacOS X and I'm pretty sure it also works on Windows, etc, as long you are able to install Google Chrome).
    So this route is, install ARC Welder Google Chrome Extension (, download SyncMyTracks APK ( and run it in ARC Welder. The app interface is very simple, you won't have much trouble synching the data. Hope it works for you.


  • Thanks Tiago Campos! I was having the same exact issue with Tapiirik where it kept saying "Strava: This activity contains unusual data that is most likely incorrect."

    I have a MAC and did the same exact steps you mentioned and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the help. Stinks that we have to fire our computers up and jump through the Emulator hoop each time we want to sync from Nike+ to Strava but a solution is better than NO solution...and I couldn't get anything else to thanks for giving us an alternative. Hopefully something more automatic will come along soon.

  • @Timo Campos - Same error on Nike+/Smashrun/Tapiirik when importing Apple Watch Series 2 runs. Might reach out to Tapiirik developer to see if they can help

  • Thanks Tiago - that worked brilliantly!

    don't work for a long time.
    Nike decided to no longer allow those who are not official partner to use their API.

  • Update: Seems that now there's an iOS app for automatic sync called RunGap - just search for that in the AppStore. Didn't have the opportunity to test it yet but I could login with all my accounts (Endomondo, RunKeeper, Smashrun, Nike+ and off course Strava). Give it a try! ;)

  • Rungap works a treat to export from Nike to others, but you need to pay for an in app purchase to do the export. They don't have a Nike Export option in their app, which all I can tell is because of Nike's attitude to data portability.

  • RunGap doesn't seem to allow to _upload_ data.
    Tapiirik and SyncMyTracks (emulated solution) both have a huge problem syncing a run with a pause to Runkeeper.

  • And Strava seems to have a huge problem with avatars :)

  • To add to what Tiago said, I just installed RunGap. a slight heads up, uploading to Strava costs a fee ($2.79 for a 3-month VIP membership), but it's worth every penny. It appears to be a very simple app where it syncs all of your activities and allows you to simply pull down a drop-down menu, hit SHARE, and then select which program you want to share to.
    So the app found my Nike+ files, I picked the one I wanted to send to Strava and hit share - it worked like a charm.
    Thanks for the find Tiago.

  • Tried Run Gap. Two of the four runs imported without a problem. The GPS data did not transfer over to Strava on the other two. The GPS data looks like its there on the Nike + website and app. Not sure if this is the pause issue mentioned in the thread above with other services.

    I flagged the activities to see if Strava can correct the issue.

  • Hi guys,

    "" synchronize "Nike+ -> strava", but the total time is wrong (total 20' sync total 16', then the average pace it was 7'/km turn 6'/km in the strava). (Android) works ok, but can't export the Activity where there is cardio info. (export fail)

    Smashrun + Tapiriik ( this method has potencial, but says:
    "Strava: This activity contains unusual data that is most likely incorrect."

    Any better method?


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