How to upload Nike+ activities to Strava

At this time, there is no official sync service between Nike and Strava, however, there are a number of 3rd party solutions built by developers using the Strava API. Here are some sync services recommended by our community: 

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  • This thread has been very useful. I got the Nike+ Apple Watch 2 a few weeks ago, and was looking forward to running (with bluetooth headphones) without the bulky iPhone or Garmin Fenix3. It worked nicely until I tried to get the data to Strava. From the suggestions above, I'm currently using SmashRun to pull from Nike+, then using FitnessSyncer to sync between SmashRun and Strava, and it's worked for every run so far (about 8 runs). I was surprised that SmashRun pulled in ALL of my past activity from Nike+ and FitnessSyncer was actually smart enough not to duplicate my old activities to Strava!

    Now considering the RunGap app to potentially eliminate one of the steps.

  • By the way, I noticed this weekend that mine seems to be working again:
    It uploads straight to Strava, without the need for manual entries. Only thing missing so far is Heart Rate data.

  • Thanks, Vincent! Your tool is the best

  • Vincent, I really miss syncing of heart rate data form Nike to Strava. When do you plan to implement it?

  • Hey Dennis, I don't have much time to spend on the tool these days unfortunately, but be sure that heart rate data is at the top of my list whenever I find time to work on it!

  • A couple of observations after a run today:
    - Nike's tracker is still performing better than Strava or Runkeeper: precision is better, and after a 5K run battery was still at 100%!
    - a run with a big pause in the middle is processed incorrectly by Strava (but not by Runkeeper or Smashrun): it shows only half a route if synced from SmashRun using Tapiriik or half the time (and incorrect speed as a result) if synced directly using

    I hope Strava will finally look into the problem.

  • OMG, the VINZ link worked perfectly!!! Thank you/ Merci BEacoup/ Gracias/ Obrigado!

  • I'm not new to IFTTT but I'm not having any luck with the recipe to move runs from Nike -> Strava. No matter what I do, the runs show 0 miles in Strava. I'm thinking it's something to do with the distance in Strava needing to be in meters but I''m just guessing here. Anyone have any luck with a recipe that can post to Strava with distance? Thanks!

  • Update: Now RunKeeper also supports the Apple Watch 2 standalone GPS. Easy to sync from RK to Strava using Tapiirik.
    Have fun with your runs. ;)

  • Tiago, does the Runkeeper app support elevation tracking on its runs with the AW2?

  • Is anyone else having discrepancies with the data exported from Nike into Strava? I've been using SyncMyRuns on android for the last year. Usually it has been off by around 50-150m, but recently it is consistently off by around 500-600m!

    I tried using the VINZ link, and it is closer, only around 200m difference.

    The thing I have noticed is that imported runs have a different "moving time" in comparison to the "elapsed time"

  • Is anyone having issues syncing runs from Nike that have been recorded solely using the Apple Watch series 2? Runs I have logged on my phone will sync across but the ones using my watch GpS don't. Anyone got any suggestions?

  • Simon, I was able to use Vincent's great tool here: to sync a watch-only run from Nike Run Club to Strava on Christmas Eve, but, as others have noted, did not have the HR data transfer.

    I have no idea how people were able to use the IFTTT sync method. I have tried the available options, or Applets, but just don't understand how they are supposed to work, I guess. Would love, like others, to have an auto solution at some point. Dern Nike...

  • Hi Vincent
    Tried using your link this morning to transfer historical runs from Nike+ to Strava through your link, but the timer on the left of the screen appears to be continuous. Any idea's please. Thanks

  • Vincent G., you're a miracle worker. I'm chalked off the heart rate data as collateral damage.
    Will be sure to mention you in the next Medium post I put up about this Nike+ issue. The app has truly gone to the dumps in terms of quality control.

  • Dear Vincent G, it seems your app no longer loads the activities from Nike+. My run as of Dec 31st is missing in your app, while I can see it on, so the upload from AppleWatch/iPhone NRC to Nike servers works. Perhaps Nike has changed something in their API?

  • Hi, to sync I use Nike+ -> SmashRun -> or -> Strava. But today I can't fully sync my run from SmashRun to Strava using either or What I get is only Distance, duration, and Pace. And don't get synced GPS, map, heart rate, etc. It used to work in 2016, now it does not. What happened? How to sync?

  • I've been using and it's been working great, but my most recent run isn't showing up. The last run I exported was on Jan 3, but today's just isn't there. Has anyone else had issues in the last few days? Hopefully NIke hasn't removed access.

  • I've just found this Chrome extension and it works pretty well. I exported my latest runs from Nike+ and it brought over the HR and GPS info no problem:

  • Same here, does not list my latest runs recorded with Apple Watch Series 2 anymore. It was still working until Christmas. Hopefully Vincent can fix it? Thanks a lot!

  • I gave up on using the Nike Run Club app on the watch. I had nothing but problems. Poor GPS data, missing GPS data, and a crashing watch app. 3 out of 9 runs with the watch had problems and that does not even include the difficulty with getting the runs to Strava, though I am extremely appreciative of everyone in this thread who have posted their experience with the equally awesome people who have worked on developing solutions. I have now run three times using the Runkeeper watch app (standalone) and had absolutely no problems at all...none. Tapiirik then syncs my Runkeeper run to Garmin and Smashrun with HR data. The only thing that doesn't happen after using the Runkeeper watch app is the run getting uploaded to Nike Run Club. However, I'm mostly interested in Strava so am happy...for now. Still need to get more runs tested.

  • @Tiago Campos - thanks for your solution. I had already wasted about an hour and I discovered your solution. Long way around but works brilliantly!

  • That chrome extension doesn't work me, and nike.vinz can't find my 14 Jan run. Hopefully they can fix it. Ps, thanks in advance Vincent

  • Vincent, awesome mate. Worked a treat! Thank you!

  • @Ola, Tom & Sebastian, is the issue still there?
    Please reach out on my personal email address (available in the info section at the bottom right of the website) and let's try to figure this out! Probably due to the use of an AppleWatch, but unfortunately I don't own one so no way to tackle the issue on my own. Let me know!

  • Vincent, love your work. I just transferred 18 months worth of Nike+ data to Strava using your easy to use site, with no problems. Like others, I am totally p****d off with Nikes changes and downgrades to their software.

  • Thanks Vincent! Finally I have my last 22months of running on Strava. Au revoir nike+ NRC+ or whatever.
    Cheers :)

  • Just used Vincent's app and it worked like a charm. Strava login, check, Nikeplus login, check, select activity, sync, BOOM! It just works. Thanks a lot Vincent! We surely miss heart rate info, but we'll eventually get there. Let me know if the community can help somehow, I know a thing or two about handling XMLs under Ruby/Python... Again, thanks!

  • The simple solution is from Vincent.

    Super easy to select runs from Nike+ and sync them to Strava. Thank you.

  • Thanks Vincent for the amazing work here
    very impressive! :D

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