How to upload Nike+ activities to Strava

At this time, there is no official sync service between Nike and Strava, however, there are a number of 3rd party solutions built by developers using the Strava API. Here are some sync services recommended by our community: 

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  • You can also use the app Syncmytracks ( on android an automaticaly transfer all of them to strava!

  • Any working equivalent for iOS?

  • Matt's site is no longer working. Is Strava and/or Nike working on a solution to this? Going to throw away my Nike watch pretty soon.

  • I've been using smashrun to sync from Nike - then tapiriik to get from smashrun to strava with no issues.

  • You can now use my exporter :

    Please give me feedbacks !

  • I've made a tool that exports the run from your Nike+ straight to your Strava account, no GPX uploading needed:

  • I got it to work tonight ...

  • Vincent G - thank you! I was using Matt Stuehler's site until it stopped working and your website has saved my Nike watch from becoming a useless wristwatch... Now I can export straight to Strava again. Brilliant :)
    Jérémy - thank you also for your website - it's very useful to be able to export and download the GPX files so easily.

  • You can also use IFTTT ( to automate posting Nike+ runs to Strava.

  • Vincent G, could you please advise - Im stuck on step 3. The list of runs is not loaded, the process circle is running endlessly... I have not so many of them :)

  • Hey Dmitry, sorry to hear you're having trouble exporting your runs! Could you send me an email on my address listed in the info section (bottom right of the screen)? A few screenshots would also help :)

  • Hey Vincent your site is awesome! I just used it for the first time. I was using Mat's iOS app before but yours is just as user friendly. Big up and thanks a lot!

    The only thing that happened to me is that my runs got uploaded as rides. So I had to go in and manually adjust them. But maybe I missed a toggle in my excitement of trying your site. Thanks again!

  • Emily, can you share more details on automate Nike+ postings to Strava with IFTT?

  • Hey Stijn, that's odd and not the first time I hear of this issue. I explicitly tell Strava that the activities uploaded through my tool are runs, but for some it turns them into rides. I'll investigate and hopefully find a way to get them all tagged correctly. Cheers!

  • Hey Vincent - I'm trying to convert my runs from Nike+ and your website has me stalled at the upload (step 3 of 4). It's just circling and circling and unable to upload any runs. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Vincent, your tool didn't import the heartrate data. Do you have a fix for this?

  • @Michael, the servers behind the app are having a hard time when several people do big exports at once, maybe that's why it was not working. Would you mind giving it another go? Otherwise I'll have to investigate your particular case.

    @Brian, at the moment it does not support heartrate data but as soon as I have some free time I'll implement it. In the coming weeks hopefully!

  • Is there a "Select all"? I have 300+ runs :)

  • @Jared, there is a trick to Select all your runs but at this time I have yet to implement this feature properly. Time to put on this project has been awfully scarce lately I'm afraid. I you feel adventurous, you can select them all by doing the following: start off with loading all your runs (basically clicking on Load more runs as much as you need), then paste this little piece of code in place of your browser web address, it'll select all the runs and then you only have to click on upload.

    The piece of code (make sure you still have the "javascript:" part):
    javascript:var e = document.getElementsByClassName('activities-item'); for(i=0; i<e.length; i++) { e[i].click(); };

    Hope that helps!

  • Vincent, great app thanks! however my total count of miles doesn't match in Nike and Strava, for example in Strava I have 2,904 miles and in Nike + I have 3,466 miles...any idea on the difference?

  • Hey Alex, that is pretty odd. There are some miscalculations on occasions but the total distance should stay the same. There might have been some runs that did not get transferred, would that be possible? When the server is hit with high traffic it drops a few requests here and there..

  • Hi Vincent, great job with the transfer! So easy to use, I wish I'd known Nike was locked down when I started. My total mileage is slightly different (not enough to worry about) but stranger is the difference in the km splits. As an example, according to the Nike app my run a couple of days ago went 4'52, 4'15, 4'47, 4'39 but now it's in Strava it's 4'26, 4'43, 5'01, 4'49. It was 12k and every one was different and over 10k Nike says 47'20, Strava 49.06! Any ideas? I tried Jeremy's import and that gave the same data. Have you - or Strava - any ideas on why there would be such a big difference when it's the same source data? Cheers!

  • HI Vincent. I tried your tool and it works very well. Thank you for your work. Only one question. In the list of runs from Nike+, I can see also the calories, but when imported in Strava there are no calories in the runs (only distance, time, and average). Do you know what's the problem? Thank you and regard. Nicolò

  • Thanks guys for the kind words!

    @Simon, sorry but as far as I can tell there's not much I can do with the data we're getting from Nike. Maybe if they tweak their API a bit but that's highly unlikely

    @Nicolo, that's odd I got the calories in my runs. I'll have to investigate but unfortunately I do not know if there's anything I can do with the data I have at the moment

  • Thanks Vincent for helping me transfer my Nike + data, Nike's new app is just rubbish so I was relieved to see an import method into Strava that worked so easy. Well done!

  • HI Vincent. I was so frustrated with the latest Nike+ update (now Nike + Run Club) that I want to migrate my data to Strave. I tried your tool several times today, but each time I get stuck on step 3. The process circle continuous to run, but does not load/display any runs.
    Any thoughts?

  • Thanks @Paul, much appreciated!
    @Ko, that might be because the server is not really up to the task lately. I find it's painfully slow at times, which can in turn have some requests fail. If that still hasn't solved your issue, please send me an email (link is in the info section at the bottom right of the screen) and I'll investigate further :)

  • Vincent - great tool, thanks so much. Like others, totally fed up with Nike running app change so time to move on to Strava.

  • Hey Vince is it possible since Nike's recent changes your tool doesn't work anymore? Hope it is only me and i just need to keep trying :) greets & thanks!

  • Thanks Vincent G. Worked like a charm!

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