How to upload Nike+ activities to Strava

At this time, there is no official sync service between Nike and Strava, however, there are a number of 3rd party solutions built by developers using the Strava API. Here are some sync services recommended by our community: 

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  • I've made a tool that exports the run from your Nike+ straight to your Strava account, no GPX uploading needed:

  • Any working equivalent for iOS?

  • Hi Vincent. Ive been using your tool to upload my Nike + runs into Strava for months and I love it, but tonight it seems to have stopped uploading, is there a problem please?

  • Tried Vince's one just now and it won't let me log in to Nike+ from the program. I can log in to Nike+ straight on thier website though.
    Only just got this watch and I hate Nike already........

  • Update: Seems that now there's an iOS app for automatic sync called RunGap - just search for that in the AppStore. Didn't have the opportunity to test it yet but I could login with all my accounts (Endomondo, RunKeeper, Smashrun, Nike+ and off course Strava). Give it a try! ;)

  • "Hi Vincent. Ive been using your tool to upload my Nike + runs into Strava for months and I love it, but tonight it seems to have stopped uploading, is there a problem please?"

    I am facing the same problem with the sync tool
    Vincent, could you please help?

  • As of today, none of these work. I have tried them all unsuccessfully for days on end. Nike has closed loopholes so none of these sites can hack in to transfer data. Any other ideas out there?

  • Hi Howard, Smash run syncs with Nike +. Use tapiriik to sync Smash Run and Strava. Worked for me.

  • I've been using smashrun to sync from Nike - then tapiriik to get from smashrun to strava with no issues.

  • Hi there, When I enter my email address and password into Nike Plus I get the message below even though the username and password is correct. Any help would be appreciated

    There was an error trying to sign you up with those credentials.
    Please make sure you are providing the same ones you use to log into Nike+ websites, and then try again

  • I was using and manually export all of my activity to Strava. It might take a bit of time but overall it is an excellent approach to get out of NRC.

  • To add to what Tiago said, I just installed RunGap. a slight heads up, uploading to Strava costs a fee ($2.79 for a 3-month VIP membership), but it's worth every penny. It appears to be a very simple app where it syncs all of your activities and allows you to simply pull down a drop-down menu, hit SHARE, and then select which program you want to share to.
    So the app found my Nike+ files, I picked the one I wanted to send to Strava and hit share - it worked like a charm.
    Thanks for the find Tiago.

  • Siobhan,

    Using SmashRun to sync Nike+ (and then using to get the data into Strava) works just fine as of October 11, 2016 - just tested it.

  • Hi everyone,
    For information, I did a tool which allow you to connect to your nike+ account and sync/download your data.
    I you want to try it, here is the link :

  • Hi guys,

    After wasting a couple of hours of my life (thanks Apple/Nike) trying to sync my run data from my Apple Watch Series 2, which now has integrated GPS and doesn't require the iPhone anymore for mapping runs, I tried the Nike+/Smashrun/Tapiirik route with no sucess. I was able to sync to Smashrun but then Tapiirik returned the following error: "Strava: This activity contains unusual data that is most likely incorrect."

    Since I don't currently own an Android phone, I didn't have a straight chance to try the route.
    What I did then was installing an Android emulator (works in MacOS X and I'm pretty sure it also works on Windows, etc, as long you are able to install Google Chrome).
    So this route is, install ARC Welder Google Chrome Extension (, download SyncMyTracks APK ( and run it in ARC Welder. The app interface is very simple, you won't have much trouble synching the data. Hope it works for you.


  • Emily, can you share more details on automate Nike+ postings to Strava with IFTT?

  • By the way, I noticed this weekend that mine seems to be working again:
    It uploads straight to Strava, without the need for manual entries. Only thing missing so far is Heart Rate data.

  • Here's an option that's working as of this morning:

    It walks you through exporting your Nike+ data to Smashrun, then synching Smashrun to Strava. It took me less than 5 minutes this morning to get my Nike+ runs to Strava.

  • @Paul D., it's working now. Thanks so much.

  • Same here. I can't understand what Nike thinks it is achieving by blocking people from using their own data. I'm sure they are just creating thousands of annoyed customers like me who will never buy anything from them ever again. Genius.
    Anyway thanks for your efforts Vincent.

  • Hi all!

    A couple of months ago my TomTom watch didn't work anymore and I bought an AW2. I had my doubts after reading all the comments about Nike's closed system, but I gave it a try. And the AW2 does a pretty good job, although I couldn't find a good app to track my runs as I am focused heart rate monitoring.

    After trying many apps and tools to sync data between Runkeeper, Nike+ and Strava, I am glad that I have found this forum. I like Nike+ because of the audio guided interval training and Strava for the rest of my runs. And because all my friends are using Strava + I like the comparison of the results with other runners 👍.

    I gave both Nike+ exporter and a chance. And kudos to the developers! You did an awesome job!

    The only question I have is how to export the heart rate data? I tried the TCX download function on Nike+ Exporter, but got strange distances and duration results in Runkeeper. And in Strava I don't see the heart rate data. Hopefully, someone can point me in the right direction to get all data synchronised.

    Thanks again for all the great and hard work!


  • Hello, any solution for nike + connect? which went down.

  • Rungap works a treat to export from Nike to others, but you need to pay for an in app purchase to do the export. They don't have a Nike Export option in their app, which all I can tell is because of Nike's attitude to data portability.

  • Hey guys, thanks to the help of Paul I was able to get my old tool working again. If you want to take it for a spin: – Let me know how it worked out, only had a limited amount of Nike accounts to test it with.

  • Agreed, i've tried all of the websites and hacks I can find this morning and none of them are able to access my Nike account. Hopefully someone smart will find a hack around it soon...

  • Vincent, I really miss syncing of heart rate data form Nike to Strava. When do you plan to implement it?

  • Hi Vincent, great job with the transfer! So easy to use, I wish I'd known Nike was locked down when I started. My total mileage is slightly different (not enough to worry about) but stranger is the difference in the km splits. As an example, according to the Nike app my run a couple of days ago went 4'52, 4'15, 4'47, 4'39 but now it's in Strava it's 4'26, 4'43, 5'01, 4'49. It was 12k and every one was different and over 10k Nike says 47'20, Strava 49.06! Any ideas? I tried Jeremy's import and that gave the same data. Have you - or Strava - any ideas on why there would be such a big difference when it's the same source data? Cheers!

  • Paul - tool seems to work great to export runs from Nike+, but it's getting my splits incorrect for most of my runs. I understand that there's a slight difference in how Nike+ and Strava report GPS data points, but on a lot of the runs I've checked, the splits are off by sometimes up to two minutes. The average pace and total time and distances are very accurate (sometimes differing ever so slightly I'm sure due to the discrepancies in how they report data), but any thoughts on why my splits are wildly inaccurate? I can provide more info on specific runs if needed.

    Thank you!

  • Paul D. THANK YOU! After months looking for a solution, yours is working flawless! I recomend bullrox for everyone!

  • Thanks Paul for the work and server of

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