How to upload Nike+ activities to Strava

At this time, there is no official sync service between Nike and Strava, however, there are a number of 3rd party solutions built by developers using the Strava API. Here are some sync services recommended by our community: 

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  • Stijn, I am having the same issue. I tried serveral time over the course of the last 2 weeks, but each time I get stuck on step 3. The process circle continuous to run, but does not load/display any runs

  • Hey guys, sorry I haven't been able to look as much as I'd like into this issue. Free time is really limited right now. I'm thinking of open sourcing the code (once I get a chance to brush it up real quick, not my neatest work) so that others can try and tweak my initial solution.
    It's quite odd as some people are still able to access the app, so I don't really know how to reproduce the bug on my end. Will keep you posted

  • Hi Vince,
    I used your app, i have one problem.
    In the migration list, i see the runs correctly (km, minutes etc..) but once improted in strava, i see that the runs have the wrong data. I'll give you an example. 6.3 km, 35mins, in Strava I see: 6.3km, 20.37mins moving, totale time 35 min but it consider that moving time to calculate the min/km. So it gives me an extraordinary 3.14/km instead of 5.10/km..

  • EDIT: Problem solved. it was just last run that was not correct.

  • Hellow Everyone!

    Trying to use Vincent app but get stuck in step 2 of 4 with the credential issue - probably from nike+ end. I have changed password a couple of times but still not working. Any ideas/tips please?

    Thanks in advance folks!

  • Hi, my app ( is back to normal, nike had fix their api, you can now download your runs recorded with Nike Running club app

  • As some people may have noticed, strava calculates distance differently to nike+. I run mostly on trails and strava calculates a lower distance for most of my runs after importing. For example, a 5.81 mile run on nike+ is 5.3 miles on strava. Seems like the curvier the trail the bigger the difference.

  • Hey Jeremy, thanks for you great tool, that I used for months now to transfer from nike+ to strava. But I noticed all my activity since September does not show on your list after longing in. Seems that after the nike+ upgrade to Run club my activities are not shown anymore, so I can't transfer them ;( FYI: My runs are recorded with the Nike+ Watch, and then uploaded to my Nike+ account. They are all showing there.
    Anyone have the same problem and/or solution for it?
    much appreciated!

  • Hi

    Normally its fixed by nike since few days. Like you I had this problem but now my runs correctly appears.


  • Hi Vincent, Jeremy! Really glad to have found your tools, but I'm having trouble logging in to my nike+ account on your tools. I use Facebook to log in to both Strava and Nike+. No problem logging in to Strava, but how do I log in to Nike+ through your tools?
    Thanks for the good work guys!

  • Hi,
    Neither on nor Jeremy's site ( I can see my latest September Nike+ activities to download/sync to Strava. ;-((
    (FYI my activities are recorded with Nike+ running watch and then uploaded to Nike+)

  • Hi

    When you login with facebook, nike generate a password for you. You have to reset your password to know it



  • Jeremy thanks. Just did that and your tool worked like a charm! :)

  • I believe there is a Nike API issue that gives intermittent issues with signing in to these 3rd party converters. About 3/4 of the time I try logging in with my Nike+ credentials in the converter page, I get a standard error about my username/password being incorrect. I know that is not the case. Using devtools, I see that a 500 Internal Server Error is being returned from the request. I'm not sure if this is due to the way the apps are formatting the request, or if it is actually an API issue on Nike's side.

    Any one else run into this from time to time?

  • "Login failed. Nike login is down, not my fault ;) You have to wait a fix from Nike.

    API error : Can't connect to nike API, please retry later"

    Jérémy, thanks for the info!

  • FYI Everyone: On September 28th, Nike decided to restrict it's API access to "partners". You can pretty much bet that there will be no new services popping up that can grab your Nike+ data and send it elsewhere. All existing ones have ceased to work.

  • Up until Wednesday 9/28/2016 I have been using Vincent's tool ( for the last few months without any issues. Over the last two days I have tried logging in multiple times but keep getting the error about having incorrect credentials.

    Vince replied to my email and said it was a change on Nike's end that caused this issue. Hopefully it is fixed soon, otherwise I may need to upgrade to a Garmin watch.

  • Same here. Now I'm really fed up with Nike+. I think I'd rather keep my runs logged with a more open source data collection. I understand their need to want to be sure people don't jump ship but if they didn't screw up the good thing they had going not as many people would want to do this. I loved using the Nike+ app but not since the last update. I tried all of the tools listed today and I'm having the same issues with my credentials not working. I'm betting it's Nike's side. They problably own the data per ULA. (That's my guess anyway.)

  • Effectively since September 28th we can't get a token to request theirs api.
    I don't know if it's a bug or if they decided to block our requests.

    Where did you get this informations Adam ?

    If no solution in few days, I'll shutdown the service



  • Nike+'s API won't be "fixed" soon. It was purposefully locked down from most third parties, especially homegrown ones that simply helped get your data out and onto other sites like Strava and SmashRun.

    I have been able to successfully export my activities (on a per-activity basis) since the lockdown using a somewhat manual process that I hope I can make faster and open up to people, I'll post back here when it's ready for people to test.

  • Jeremy,

    I posted the comment as Amy MacIntyre above (accidentally logged in under my wife's account). I tweeted @NikeSupport the day the syncing from various services stopped and I noticed a BasicAuth dialog show up on their API page (where there was none before). They told me to call their support centre, which I thought was odd. I called and they said the intention was for their API to always be invite only, but apparently those business rules were never enforced until September 28th (although when I pressed them about this they neither confirmed or denied that was the case, even though the answer was obvious). They said they'd open a support ticket to see if could regain API access (even though I never wanted it to begin with, I wanted my third party services - .e.g. SmashRun, or your service - to regain access).

    That was the last I heard from them. I've been tweeting a storm at them (@akmjenkins) but it has gone largely unnoticed that Nike+ has done this.

    I'm actively developing a chrome extension to be able to export GPX files for activities (on a one-by-one basis, so bulk export is now gone.....for now) that you can then upload to Strava/SmashRun, etc. I'll post back when it's done.

  • I've got a (pre-alpha) chrome extension that allows you to download a GPX of your Nike+ activity which you can then upload to Strava, or whatever third part service accepts GPX files.

    If you have any problems with it (and it's likely that you will because I finished writing it and testing it just a few minutes ago) please post back here.


    1. Go to to download the chrome extension (.crx file)

    2. In your browser, go to chrome://extensions and drag and drop the file you just downloaded into the window. Accept the permissions (or not, it's up to you). Despite what the permission imply, I do not "change" any of your data from

    3. Whenever you are on a Nike+ Activity page click the "N" in the top right corner of chrome. It will refresh your page and prompt you to download a GPX file which you can then upload to any site you choose.

    Hopefully, I can get this into the chrome store in short order to make it feel more reliable. Until then, I appreciate anybody who's willing to give it a try and provide feedback so I can make it better.

    Longer term, I can envision building a web service around this that uses Strava OAuth and less manual handling of GPX files. If anybody wants to help, my e-mail is

    I hate Nike+ for what they've done, but I won't let them win. It's our data, not theirs.

  • I posted a link to my private chrome extension that I use to export my Nike+ data to GPX format (which can then be uploaded to Strava/SmsahRun) yesterday, but Strava has yet to approve my comment. I can understand why they wouldn't want to link to third-party software.

    Right now, however, my chrome extension is the only way to get your data out of Nike+.

    If anybody wants to help me test it out, please e-mail me at or send a tweet to @akmjenkins

  • Is there a way to indicate a timeframe where you want to export activities from Nike+ to Strava? I only want to export my 2011-2012 runs as the later ones are in Strava already. I would like to avoid having duplicates... Thanks!

  • Adam- This worked great, much appreciated! I had no issues at all and successfully got my run over to Strava. I'll record a few more activities with Nike+ this week and see if any issues arise.

    If anyone has an issue with the "N" button on Step 3, just be sure you've clicked the "View Run" button on the Nike+ page to enter the actual page for the activity, not just the overview showing your most recent run. That was my only usability snag at first but figured it out pretty quickly.

  • @Adam Jenkins. Your tool worked flawlessly! I completely agree with you regarding Nike's decision to limit data. We are the ones generating the activity data, it is not theirs to restrict access to. Thank you for your effort on this tool!

  • I would like to transfer my 2011-2012 runs from Nike+ to Strava. Is there a way to do this without transferring the newer activities? I want to avoid having a lot of duplicates on Strava. Can I set somewhere a desired timeframe?

  • Hi everyone! Elle - this topic needs to remain open as Nike keeps changing things. I emailed Vince this morning and his Convertor is no longer working - no plans to resurrect it. So that's another one off the list :-\
    I'm just about to try Jeremy's convertor and/or the syncmytracks app for Android - looks promising :-)

  • Update - first impression of using SyncMyTracks was very impressive! Free version did just as it should, all from my Samsung phone. I'll be paying $3.50 for the ability to save my passwords and sync more than one run.
    (Didn't get to try Jeremy's exporter)

  • Hi Adam, you chrome extension works really well. Thanks a lot and yes for me now the only way to export my data from Nike+...

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