How to upload Nike+ activities to Strava

At this time, there is no official sync service between Nike and Strava, however, there are a number of 3rd party solutions built by developers using the Strava API. Here are some sync services recommended by our community: 

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  • Vincent

    Love your solution. Been using if for a few months without an issue. The last week I only seem to get a white screen when I link though to the site. Any ideas how to resolve? Cheers.

  • Hi Vincent i cant login my nike account. any update?

  • @Ritche Tio
    I had the same problem.
    I set a new password in my Nike+ account and the login works!

  • Hi Vincent, Thanks for the sync tool
    However this tool is wiping out my heart rate data from Nike+ account. Also it doesn't show heart rate in Strava!
    Looks like a bug.

  • Hi Molson, it's highly unlikely that my tool would remove any data off your Nike+ account. It just does not have that kind of access. Heart rate not showing in Strava depends on which version you're using, but regardless there's room for improvement and that should be tackled soon as I find some time in the coming weeks. You can always reach me directly so we can look at the issue closer together.

  • Hi Vincent. Ive been using your tool to upload my Nike + runs into Strava for months and I love it, but tonight it seems to have stopped uploading, is there a problem please?

  • "Hi Vincent. Ive been using your tool to upload my Nike + runs into Strava for months and I love it, but tonight it seems to have stopped uploading, is there a problem please?"

    I am facing the same problem with the sync tool
    Vincent, could you please help?

  • I had the same problem with the sync tool
    I sync with Smashrun and after that Settings/Export. Received mail. Open Strava and add with "Upload and Sync Your Activities". Choose file and Bum!


  • Hey guys, it does appear that Nike's changed something recently that does not work well with my tool. I'm looking into it now, hopefully I can be solved by the end of the weekend. Cheers, Vincent

  • Just pushed a new version of the tool online, everything should be back to normal. Do let me know if you have any issue still.

  • "Just pushed a new version of the tool online, everything should be back to normal. Do let me know if you have any issue still."

    Issue still persists. New Issue: Unable to see the new run (April 09, 2017) listed.

  • Hello Vincent,
    thanks a lot for this tool that I use for few months, well thought and super practical. Still not working for a couple of days for me though, the blue bar at bottom is running endlessly...

  • Hi Vincent, thanks for that tool. I tried uploading my Nike+ just now, but it doesn't want to upload any recent runs (after 27 July 2016).

  • Forget Nike+ and start using Strava directly ;-)
    Nike+ does consume less battery than Strava or Runkeeper, but it's less accurate. And

  • Should be good to go now, I've tested on my end nothing's wrong but I only have so much data (and mine's getting a bit stale tbh). Any new issue please send me an email as it's easier to keep track that way.

  • "Should be good to go now, I've tested on my end nothing's wrong but I only have so much data (and mine's getting a bit stale tbh). Any new issue please send me an email as it's easier to keep track that way."

    Vincent, great job! the tool is working now.
    But it did not list my April 09 run, but it listed my April 11 run and the previous ones. Strange. Anyway, I added it manually.
    Please share your email address. Thank you!

  • Hey Sudharshan, good to hear. Odd that you'd be missing one run in particular.. anyways, you can find my email address in the info section (bottom right of the tool, after you click on the info button) – not a fan of sharing it over public forums, excuse the process

  • Vincent - is your tool supposed to import GPS/map data as well? The Nike+ runs I was able to get synced with Strava using your tool didn't have GPS data; they were imported as "running without GPS."

    The SmashRun suggestion didn't sync GPS data either - in fact, the only runs I was actually able to import into Strava from SmashRun -> Tapiriik were the ones I had manually entered into Nike+.

  • Hey Vincent, I absolutely love your tool and I'm hoping to soon be able to bid farewell to Nike+.

    I can load all my runs with your tool, the only thing is that only my last 2 runs are being synced to Strava, all others seem to be stuck with the blue animated gradient line below the selected run after pressing upload. I suspect that Nike changed something in their format because synching with Smashrun imports all runs though but with only those last 2 showing the running route and position information. All other runs (those that your tool is not able to import) completely lack GPS position info. Did you encounter similar issues when importing runs?

    Thanks and keep up your excellent work!

  • Si alguien puede ayudarme!!

  • Vincent - thanks for your good utility to transfer from Nike to Strava. I've transferred a few runs over to see how Strava looks/works.
    I noticed there are some slight differences in the values Strava and Nike have for my runs. For example, yesterdays run showed:
    Nike Distance: 6.25km Strava Distance: 5.9km
    Nike time: 34:46 Strava elapsed time: 34:35
    Nike pace: 5:33/km Strava pace: 5:29/km (probably correct as Strava shows 'moving' time as 32:34)

    So - is the import into Strava picking up pure GPS coordinates, and using that to calculate distances - rather than a specified value from Nike?

    I also can't understand why the elapsed time for the run would be different - though it appears to be 9-10 seconds shorter on the Strava import across the imported runs.

    Is there an easy way to view one of the exported entries to see just what data Nike is exporting?


  • The issues with Nike exports has been going on since 2016 for me, I was using an app called SyncMyTracks on Android. I opened a case with Strava, which didn't really get anywhere. What's even stranger, was if I synced my run from Nike to Strava, it would give 4.93km instead of Nike's 5km. If I then exported the run from Strava to a file using the website, deleted the activity in Strava, then reimported that file back in to Strava, the distance would be back at 5km!

    The best information I got from them was this:

    The reason exporting/importing the file gave you different results is because when the file is originally imported, it used the device's GPS coordinates. Once it was re-uploaded it used the synthetic coordinates instead.

    When a file is using the GPS points, a handful of bad GPS points will lead to inaccuracy of distance. Whereas synthetic will just fill in those bad GPS points so no distance is lost. Unfortunately there isn't a way where your files will always be read as synthetic. I'm assuming this is why you might be getting a more accurate representation on the other apps because they're taking your synthetic data.

  • I had enough of Nike and just stopped using it. There's little to no benefit of using Nike+.
    Keep in mind that N app is times less accurate than Strava or Runkeeper: while Strava measures your location once every 3 seconds, Nike does it only once every 10 seconds. That's why the difference in distance, by the way.

  • Same problem for me and I decided to use strava app into the watch!

  • @Vincent G.
    Ive just recently decided to move away from Nike+ and really appreciate this app you have made.
    Im not sure if im the only one experiencing this issue, however I cant login via your site with my Nike+ account details.
    I tried changing the password 3 times but still no luck. Thanks in advance if you can help :)

  • Hi Vincent. Login to Nike+ fails. This is the first time i've tried to use your software. The details are correct (double, triple, quadruple checked) and is the same on both Firefox and chrome.... Any ideas?

  • Hi Vincent, I love your tool, like many people do. The fact that there are differences between Nike+ and Strava are a bit annoying, but not life-threatening. I always perform a bit better on Nike+ so I assume that Nike+ is telling me the truth ;-)
    But since last weekend the tool doesn't login to Nike+ anymore (Oopsie Daisy error), strange because I still can login at the Nike-site. Can you please fix this?

  • i am having the same issue as is not taking my Nike Plus credentials even though they work fine on the Nike site. They must have found another way to block your hack......any ideas?

  • Hey guys, unfortunately the Nike login stopped working. It's definitely on Nike's end, so no idea if it will ever get resolved. I've looked around but did not find another way to securely authenticate users with Nike's systems.. The same issue already happened a few months ago and solved itself after a couple weeks, definitely no idea if it'll be the case again this time.
    I'll keep looking, but so far I have no idea how to circumvent this issue.

  • Hi Vincent, since a couple of days I have the same problem like the other guys mentioned. After browsing to your site and entering the credentials for Strava, which works fine like always. Then after entering the credentials for Nike it says that "There was an error trying to sign you up with those credentials. Please make sure you are providing the same ones you use to log into Nike+ websites, and then try again." The credentials I entered are 100% correct. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this tool.
    Greetings from Germany

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