How to upload Nike+ activities to Strava

At this time, there is no official sync service between Nike and Strava, however, there are a number of 3rd party solutions built by developers using the Strava API. Here are some sync services recommended by our community: 

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  • Vincent, although I stopped using Nike and removed the app a while ago, I appreciate your work and support.
    Thank you, and keep it up!

  • Just wanted to let you know i'm having the same problem. Can't log in with Nike Credentials. They are right as they work on the Nike website. Hopefully it fixes it self. Nike was the first app i used to get into running but i have a hard time moving away from it but lova Strava from the social aspect. So i'm always torn and this was the best option i've seen.

    Thank you for your hard work though. It's much appreciated!

  • Same here. I can't understand what Nike thinks it is achieving by blocking people from using their own data. I'm sure they are just creating thousands of annoyed customers like me who will never buy anything from them ever again. Genius.
    Anyway thanks for your efforts Vincent.

  • Hi Vincent. - out of service . Writes - There was an error trying to sign you up with those credentials. Please make sure you are providing the same ones you use to log into Nike+ websites, and then try again.

  • Hello Vincent, even for me i am getting the same error. is there any other option to transfer data? Thanks & appreciate your work.

  • I don't think it will be possible for *any* service to Nike sync accurately. There's a lengthy post at SmashRun about the changes Nike has made for their data exports.

    It seems they only export data at 10 second intervals now

    "This month, all of that changed. Nike went from providing 1 second recordings to 10 second recordings. Ten seconds is a long time. Try counting to ten now and imagine how far you could run. Ten seconds is a lifetime. It also makes it impossible to identify pauses, and it means that if you run for 59 seconds, for example, there will only be 5 points returned. The splits become a kind of wild guess. We released a patch yesterday, to try and improve the results, but it’s like trying to squeeze water from a stone, a particularly dense and dry stone, that makes your run look kind of squarish, think granite."

  • I've just tried the "Sync Smashrun with Nike+, Then use tapiriik to sync Smashrun with Strava" option and so far is the best solution I've found. At least the GPS data is coming across which it doesn't with solutions such as Rungap. I'll have the analyse the 10 second internal issue.

    I use an Apple Watch 2 for running and I've found Nike+ to have better GPS tracking than the AW2 Strava App, I also prefer the Voice Over. So ideally use Nike + to Record and send to Strava which I've used for years for Cycling too. Of course Strava could just make the AW2 App better and that solves any sync issues ;-)

  • Hey Vincent, looks like your site no longer works? It redirects me to the pro version then the page doesn't open. Anyway, I transferred my data through tapiriik and there was a HUGE difference between Nike+ and Strave.. My 10K runs are now 5.1 and the 6km runs appered 3km on Strava.. I don't know what's wrong

  • Hi Vincent. I have troubles loggin in to my nike+ account via your site ( I get the:

    "Oopsie daisy

    There was an error trying to sign you up with those credentials.
    Please make sure you are providing the same ones you use to log into Nike+ websites, and then try again."

    error if I try to log in in step 2 of 4.
    In my developertools I see the following response from the nike api: {"error": "%s"}

    Is this issue known by you of any chance?


  • Hey guys,

    Unfortunately, the tool is blocked as of now because Nike disabled my entry point. After careful investigation, I am unable to get the site back up without their help. Thus, I have been discussing the issue with them, and should manage to get access to their new partner program. The release date of this one is unknown at the moment, though. Sorry about that, I have tried other ways but this one is the only that still looks viable at the moment. We'll have to sit tight and wait for them to grant me access to their soon-to-be-released developer portal. Crossing fingers that happens sooner than later.


  • I'm having the same issue as Maarten

  • Thanks Vincent! I highlighted your comment at the top of the article.

  • By the way, I've added a quick form on the site ( so you can sign up to be notified whenever the tool gets back online

  • Hi everyone,
    For information, I did a tool which allow you to connect to your nike+ account and sync/download your data.
    I you want to try it, here is the link :

  • Hi all,

    Please download the RunGap app from the App Store. This is an amazing app where all your running info can be uploaded, stored, exported and synchronized with other apps. In my example: Nike Plus and Strava. I am disappointed using the Nike app more and more and what to transfer all activiteit from there to Strava. Using this app, the transfer was done in minutes. In the RunGap app a function called Swag Bag can be purchased for about 3 euros. This function syncs all activiteit perfectly from one to another. In my case: about 3 years of running history and about 3780km's. Perfect!

  • I used RunGap too for the past months and it worked like a charm. BUT recently it does not import my Nike+ activity anymore. Damn! ;-(

    Hi Paul, Thanks for your tool! Looks promising but it seems it doesn't sync to Strave atm, at least in my case. My Nike+ runs are shown, but once Strava icon clicked nothing happens (processing dots shown but it won't complete).
    Could you check/test again? THX

  • Hi Sebastian,

    The issue has been fixed.
    For unknown reason, some user have activities without elevation data, which causes the sync issue.
    Should be fine now!

  • Paul D. THANK YOU! After months looking for a solution, yours is working flawless! I recomend bullrox for everyone!

  • Hey, I just found this, which worked flawlessy and is very well designed:
    It made my day!!!

  • Hey guys, thanks to the help of Paul I was able to get my old tool working again. If you want to take it for a spin: – Let me know how it worked out, only had a limited amount of Nike accounts to test it with.

  • Thank you, Paul D! I have finally synced my Nike+ data with Strava. I got used to Nike for running activities but its updates are really embarrassing... Well, there were a few issues after synchronization - 3 or 4 of my runs out of 22 were synced with a wrong distance: 0.5 or 1 km instead of 5-6 km. I signed in to Strava and deleted the wrong ones, uploaded GPX files from your website (TCX had the same issue) and downloaded the runs into my Strava account. Now it's fine. Great thing!)

  • Nike and other fitness trackers will have to resolve this by May 2018 as General Data Protection Regulation coming in to force in the EU. The data subjects (users of these apps) have the right to data portability of their personal data eg. GPS tracking and heart rate information.

  • Hi Paul D, Thanks very much for your clever link ( Like you said it was able to sync my Nike+ runs to Strava. However, I noticed the heart rate data did not come across. Is this something that I can fix from my end or is that data just not accessible?

  • @Replicant Ste... nice find, although doesn't sync over HR data too :-( Think I'll just dump Nike+ and use Strava app. Way easier...!

  • Dear fellow runners!
    I strongly recommend to
    - drop Nike in favour of other apps; it may not be the case now, but earlier this year I saw the Nike app tracking to be less accurate and power consumption somewhat worse than other well-known software;
    - use tapiriik to sync between platforms; for $2 a year (let it sink: $2 a year) you have a reliable background sync between 10+ well-known platforms.

  • Thanks Paul and Vincent. I've updated the description of this article to include the updates.

  • @Vincent thanks very much for your tool. I had problems transferring a run on Saturday from Nike+ RunClub to Strava using the normally reliable RunGap App. The GPS map was transferred but no pace or start/finish times - weird. Anyway your tool worked great and all came across correctly. I note it does not transfer Heart Rate. Not too much of a problem as the Nike+ App transfers this to Apple Health anyway where I can look at recovery HR, VO2 Max etc.

    Unfortunately, despite the problems transferring from Nike+ it's still the best app after my testing on the Apple Watch 2 for runners. Nike+ tracks GPS way better than the Strava AW2 App and even the standard Activity App. I'd like some reasonably accurate pace times, distance, segments etc. and at the moment Nike+ is the way to go.

  • Hi @Steven Agar and @Oleg Pyzh,
    I did a fix on Heart Rate and distance issues, could you have a look and tell me if it's fine for you ?
    For any questions, issues, improvements... please use the contact form at the bottom of the main page.


  • Hey, @Paul D.

    I imported to Strava. The GPX didn't transfer HR data, but the TCX did! Great news, thanks for the heads up and all your efforts... the Nike Run Apple Watch app is by far the best option on the platform so far... thanks again

  • Hi @Paul D,

    That worked a treat! I just did a 8.5km run with Nike+ and have just now transferred all the collected data, including heart rate. Great job! Thank you. Michael

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