How to upload Nike+ activities to Strava

At this time, there is no official sync service between Nike and Strava, however, there are a number of 3rd party solutions built by developers using the Strava API. Here are some sync services recommended by our community: 

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  • Thanks Vincent, you are brilliant!!! I'm finally free of Nike!

  • Hi @Steven Agar,
    That's true, I only include HR data on TCX (at the moment), because HR is not supported by the basic version of GPX.
    For info when you sync your data with Strava, I upload the TCX file to create the activity.

    @Michael Kennedy,@Steven Agar, Glad to know, that it works for you !


  • Thanks Paul for the work and server of

  • Hi Vincent, I was thrilled to hear of your tool ! And all the great feedback from other users. I am stuck at step #2. I was sure to enter same email and password for Nike+ but kept getting the error message. Sounds like a hopeless case.. any advice?

  • Hi all!

    A couple of months ago my TomTom watch didn't work anymore and I bought an AW2. I had my doubts after reading all the comments about Nike's closed system, but I gave it a try. And the AW2 does a pretty good job, although I couldn't find a good app to track my runs as I am focused heart rate monitoring.

    After trying many apps and tools to sync data between Runkeeper, Nike+ and Strava, I am glad that I have found this forum. I like Nike+ because of the audio guided interval training and Strava for the rest of my runs. And because all my friends are using Strava + I like the comparison of the results with other runners 👍.

    I gave both Nike+ exporter and a chance. And kudos to the developers! You did an awesome job!

    The only question I have is how to export the heart rate data? I tried the TCX download function on Nike+ Exporter, but got strange distances and duration results in Runkeeper. And in Strava I don't see the heart rate data. Hopefully, someone can point me in the right direction to get all data synchronised.

    Thanks again for all the great and hard work!


  • @Tiffany sure I'll be glad to help! Just send me an email and we'll find out what's the issue (you can find my email address on the site, bottom right corner there's a link to more info next to Live View)

  • @Patrick N. could you use the contact form at the bottom of the homepage, to send me more details (user / activity with strange infos ...), I'll be glad to help you !


  • Hi Vincent,

    I'm getting the same issue that Tiffany describes: I cannot login to Nike+ on your site. I'm getting the same issue with Paul D's page.

    Note that I just resurrected my Nike account this afternoon, as I've just got a Nike watch, and in the process changed my Nike password.


    Edit: I just tried again and this time it worked! The only difference since the previous time was that I had actually uploaded a run to Nike+ in the meantime (previously, I had no runs).

  • I just used Vincent G's tool and it worked like a charm!

    I used the pro option and uploaded 4 + years of runs (almost 500)

    The only slight issue I am having is that I am getting a different number on strava than I have on NIke plus.

    But that's not too much of a big deal as long it updates the new runs going forward.

    Thanks Vincent!

  • Hi. Is anyone else having issues with syncing using @Vincent and @Paul's tools? I was able to use it on 12/17 but after that date, both tools won't connect for me.

  • None of these tools are working for me. Currently just synced with Smashrun and no I am trying to use tapiriik to sync to Strava. How long does tapiriik take? Roughly 90 runs, its just been spinning on synchronizing for awhile now, is this normal?

  • Hey Jason, I'm also having issues with Vincent's tool. Around this same time, I noticed that my Garmin data (which previously had not been syncing to Nike+) was imported into Nike+. I'm guessing Nike pushed some changes that broke third-party integrations.

  • Hi @Jason & @Jospeh,
    Do you still have issues with the tool ?
    If, yes could you send me more info, will be glad to help you.

  • Hi @Paul D., thanks for following up. I was able to use your tool yesterday without a problem, however when I tried to use it today, the homepage would not load completely and I was not able to log-in to either nike or strava accounts for the sync.

  • Hi @Jason,
    Should be good now.
    Can you confirm ?


  • @Paul D. ,

    I tried your tool again today. It worked. Before I would click the button to sync with strava and it was just do the loading animation but never turn green. Today it turned green and I got it to work with all the activities that smashrun missed. Thanks.

  • @Paul D., it's working now. Thanks so much.

  • Hello!

    Anybode can sync Nike+ with Strava? I have try this services:
    - Sync Smashrun with Nike+, Then use tapiriik to sync Smashrun with Strava (
    but it doesn't work

  • It doesn't work. Can't even login to Nike+ anymore from

  • Hi @Paul D, I've noticed that the heart rate data is not synching at the moment - since the 30th December for me. Prior to that date it was fine. Anyway, not sure if the problem is at my end or not. Thanks Michael

  • Hi y'all,
    the heart rate has been fixed.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    If you have any concerns, remarks, please use the contact form on the home page, I'll be glad to help you.


  • Hi all,

    I am having problems to use any of this solution because I have to log in my Nike+ with facebook.

    Is there a way to work around? Like change my account to normal login?

    Thank you.

  • Hi @Wilson,
    Click on "forgot my password" link on Nike's login page.
    You will receive a link to "reset"(create) your password in you facebook-linked email address.

  • Hi,

    I am trying to transfer my runs to Strava but the links I am using aren't working? Everytime I try and log in with my credentials it says that they are wrong or not working 'oopsie daisy'.

    Does anybody have a solution? I have changed my password and that has not worked.

  • Paul - tool seems to work great to export runs from Nike+, but it's getting my splits incorrect for most of my runs. I understand that there's a slight difference in how Nike+ and Strava report GPS data points, but on a lot of the runs I've checked, the splits are off by sometimes up to two minutes. The average pace and total time and distances are very accurate (sometimes differing ever so slightly I'm sure due to the discrepancies in how they report data), but any thoughts on why my splits are wildly inaccurate? I can provide more info on specific runs if needed.

    Thank you!

  • @Paul funcionou e já consegui sincronizar.
    Muito obrigado.

  • Hi, I've used the Nike+ Exporter and it works pretty well. The imported runs in Strava seem to have slightly different distances but I guess I can live with that for now. The challenge I have is that in my Health app and Activities, the runs show up duplicated now and gives me badges I didn't earn. Is there a way to exclude specific runs in Strava from being exported to the Apple Health app?

  • Trying to log into and it won't accept the Nike+ login. Is this a temporary thing?

  • Since past october I can't login in Nike+ account.
    The Nike watch uploads the workout, but I can't access my activities.
    Tried by different browsers, Nike + Run Club, Android, Desktop, Ipad and OSX.
    " Our site is down for scheduled maintenance at this time. Please come back soon to sync your activity and track your progress. Questions? Please visit the Nike+ Facebook Support App"

    I tried some support, but obviously no return.
    Any idea?

    I purchased a cheap ANT + heart rate belt and syncing with Strava and It is working so far, but Nike+ is frustrating.

  • Hi there, When I enter my email address and password into Nike Plus I get the message below even though the username and password is correct. Any help would be appreciated

    There was an error trying to sign you up with those credentials.
    Please make sure you are providing the same ones you use to log into Nike+ websites, and then try again

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