How to upload Nike+ activities to Strava

At this time, there is no official sync service between Nike and Strava, however, there are a number of 3rd party solutions built by developers using the Strava API. Here are some sync services recommended by our community: 

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  • Tried Vince's one just now and it won't let me log in to Nike+ from the program. I can log in to Nike+ straight on thier website though.
    Only just got this watch and I hate Nike already........

  • There seem to be a few people like me who can't get it to work as we get an "Oopsie daisy" error.
    "There was an error trying to sign you up with those credentials.
    Please make sure you are providing the same ones you use to log into Nike+ websites, and then try again."
    But there don't seem to have been any responses to it. Did anyone find a solution?

  • I was using and manually export all of my activity to Strava. It might take a bit of time but overall it is an excellent approach to get out of NRC.

  • thanks I've used now and it works although can only get the runs from 2018.

  • Hello, Can somebody help if there is new possibility to upload runs from Nike +? i have tried all the above possibilities and nothing worked.
    I dont want to loose all my runs. Thanks!

  • Hi, has anyone managed to upload strava activities TO Nike?
    ignore the question, I just found a way:


  • Hi there,
    For those who have noticed a slight difference between nike / strava a few months ago using, now it's fixed !
    The special Nike sauce used in their website, has been integrated into the tool to correct the data.


  • My runs after 6th april 2018 on Nike+, is not showing on . Is there some bug?

  • Hi @Paul D. I tried using the this morning (4/13/18), but when I click on Here We Go, it goes to, but the page does not fully load. I used both Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

    Anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • Hey,

    I used to transfer my Nike+ runs to Strava. It worked well until yesterday. Now it shows an 502 error: Bad Gateway. Can it be fixed?

  • How are people doing this now??

  • Hi all,
    FYI - does not work anymore.
    It gives me an error "Error message: Unable to authenticate with Nike+.
    Please check email and nikePassword."
    It looks like nike has decided to block such authorizations. Is there any other way to upload my runs from strava to nike?

  • Hello @Paul D.
    Your tool at is extremely useful for folks who want to shift their runs from nike to strava.
    How feasible is it to put together a tool which would do the opposite to move data from strava to nike?
    It will be great to have it all integrated in one app like yours. Cheers!

  • Hello,
    Do you have any solution now because since April 1 Nike has stopped all service and you cannot even upload your runs from your watch to Nike+ !!!

  • Hello, any solution for nike + connect? which went down.

  • I haven't found one :( Nike really screw us over!!! If you find one please let me know!

  • Apparently RunGap for iOS still works, but im on windows/android and now my watch is useless. Also I have a weeks worth of data that I can not retrieve either. Anyone got any ideas? Only got the watch in Feb (as my post above states, except I hate Nike even more now).
    Also they are still being sold too which just makes things worse for the people who buy it with no way of actually using it.
    Rant over.

  • Hi @Angad Chandhok,
    For some weird reason, when the Nike api is called, some runs are corrupted (without any distance, duration).
    Those kind of runs are not displayed on website.
    I did a fix recently to try another way of downloading the corrupted data.
    We will see in the coming days, if this can be the definitive version.

  • Hi @Jason Quesada,
    Sorry to hear that, did you try later, cause I have no issue right now ?
    I you still facing the issue, please try to clear your browser cache.

  • For a measly $2 RunGap connected to Nike+ and is transferring 10 years worth of run data here to Strava. It even looks for duplicates! Amazing!!!

  • Do you know some app or software that I can export data of Nike+ Sportwatch? I want data in gpx or tcx. I hate Nike so my sportwatch is unless!

  • I also found this one for ios:

  • data migrated great! Many thanks. Up to runs from 2012.

  • For France, the website is down since 30th of april 2018. But you can get a file with the record of your activities by sending a request to Nike (support) and since the law has recently changed, it is now compulsory that they send you a mail with a link to download your infos (.tcx file).

    I just did it with the help of the support from Nike.

  • Did it auto do it or do you have to manually add each run?

  • like each run or they sent you them all in one big file and uploaded them all?

  • Just used to sync my Nike+ data with Strava. Managed to transfer all the data since Oct 2017.
    Love it! Thanks for the effort!

  • After 30.April.2018, there is no way to export data from nike+ (NRC) or am I missing something? Neither of listed solutions is active anymore.

  • @Paul D. does the Pro version do a full sync of all NRC data?

    I'd previously loaded some NRC data into Strava using another method and now want to delete it all and resync using your method. I've got 600+ runs to sync, so a bit too many to do 1 by 1.


  • Hi @Dean,
    Yes the "pro" version allows you to sync all your runs (past and futures)


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