How to upload Nike+ activities to Strava

At this time, there is no official sync service between Nike and Strava, however, there are a number of 3rd party solutions built by developers using the Strava API. Here are some sync services recommended by our community: 

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  • So it's 2018 and there is still no direct integration between Nike Run Club and Strava. Besides the default Apple Watch workout app, Nike Run Club is probably the most used workout tracking app.

  • There never will be now. Even the hacky ways of doing it don't work anymore.

    The only way to get runs in to NRC is to use Garmin Connect which can synch new runs into NRC. I have long since given up trying to get data out, especially since they shut down the only remaining API.

  • Did ceased working?

  • I use ( to import all my races from nike + to strava.
    unfortunately the pace is not correct and gives false statistics.
    What's the problem ?

  • Hello, none of these works anymore. I want to stop using NRC and switch to Strava, but I want to take my history with me. Is there any workaround pls? Thx

  • Yes you can export your NRC workouts using a third party app Run Gap. Run Gap will let you sync NRC and Strava accounts if you pay a few dollars for the in-app upgrade. Just know that the algorithm used by each app is different so your results once in Strava will look different. The GPS map probably won’t show up and the distance may be slightly different than what it was in NRC. It’s not pretty but it’s the only way I found to do it.

  • automaticly sync with RunGap. split pace on strava be wrong.
    to prevent this, i use this method :
    sync from nike+ to RunGap
    export tcx from RunGap to dropbox
    import tcx to garmin Connect
    export gpx from garmin connect
    import gpx to strava

  • hi there,

    as mentioned before, the import of your nike+-data with rungap works - like a charme! the sync-option will cost you about 2,29 euro in the app-store, but: 1) that is in fact "no price" and 2) it will save you a lot of time (we're talking about a 5-minute-job for the import of all data). luckily kerry freeman gives a detailed instruction on her blog:



  • So it appears that RunGap just stopped working with Nike+ too. It keeps telling me that "due to recent changes to the Nike+ service, RunGap has difficulties fetching workouts from Nike+." I previously used bullrox, which worked great until very recently when the site went down. The vinz site is down too. Not sure if there are any options left to sync runs from Nike+ to Strava on IOS... any ideas?

  • not working now,
    any other option

  • i use this method :
    sync from nike+ to RunGap
    export tcx from RunGap to dropbox
    import tcx to garmin Connect
    export gpx from garmin connect
    import gpx to strava

  • @Mouhssine R.

    I'm using this method, but finding no way to export multiple activities from Garmin Connect at once. Do I have to drill into each individual run and export to gpx?

  • Hi Philip Kluss

    Unfortunately yes.
    But luckily yesterday I was able to skip the GARMIN step.

    You can try this method:
    Sync from nike+ to RunGap
    Export tcx from RunGap to dropbox
    Import tcx to strava

    It imports the correct data

  • Is anything working as of January 2019?

    RunGap isn’t working. 😫

  • I sync by running HealthFit on my iPhone. This enables me to select the workout and then export it directly into Strava. It doesn't pull the GPS route but it does pull the stats although the duration didn't reflect the auto-pause. I record my run using Apple Watch in case that changes anything.

  • HealthFit does pull GPS routes from the Workout/Activity apps. Make sure you’ve set your permissions correctly.

  • What About for Galaxy Android Users? How do sync my Nike to Strava?

  • Why Strava does not provide such a service when new user is on-boarding? I registered ystrd cos of my collegues, but reading this thread just makes me wanna stop using these running apps and just go for jog without it.

  • I have just downloaded RunGap, paid for a 3 month 'swag bag' and was able to directly export my Nike+ data to both Strava and Garmin Connect. No need to for any manual exports or imports. Do it while RunGap can still get your data from Nike!

  • None of the suggested solutions seem to work any more :-(

  • Tem alguma opção funcionando para exportar as atividades do Nike+?

  • Hi
    4 iOS users
    You can try this method (without any charge)
    >> Sync from nike+ to RunGap
    >>>>Export tcx from RunGap to dropbox
    >>>>>Import tcx to strava

  • Strava really needs to get this fixed. I'm going to have to quit using Strava because I have no history. So annoying that I can't sync this data.

  • I have been using Nike+Exporter for a year. Now that has stopped working. Help get this sort Strava. I pay for premium and just get shafted. Definitely going to cancel this if it doesn’t get fixed by the end of February 2019

  • Mouhssine R's method works for ios users, I just couldn't import the file from my phone into strava.

    sync from Nike+ to RunGap app
    RunGap app, save that run to dropbox
    unzip file in dropbox, look for the tcx file

    Unfortunately from here you need to use the desktop version of Strava, as I can't find a way to import that tcx file into the app.

    On Strava website, click + upload activity in upper right hand corner
    choose that tcx file.

    And this method is free.

    Bummed about Nike+ Exporter too, I've used for quite a while (and paid too).

  • Hi
    for iOS users
    You can try this method (without any charge)
    >> Sync from nike+ to RunGap
    >>>>Export tcx from RunGap to dropbox
    >>>>>Import tcx to strava

  • to add on to what Mouhssine R. said, for ios users, make sure to go to this page on mobile:
    That page does not exist in the app and it will show as a web page, it is not optimized for the phone.
    You can upload a run from dropbox (or any ios phone file) from that page.

  • To follow up the above 3 posts, the workaround using rungap appears to still be working, though it does have a disclaimed saying the Nike+ sync might be a bit volatile.

    I can't believe that it's 2019 and Strava/Nike can't get their heads together to sort this out.

    I run both apps simultaneuously as the NRC training/guided plans are excellent (and strava's are appalling), but the NRC analytics/lack of desktop interface make Strava much better to use.

    Sort it out.

  • Are those of you using RunGap to export then importing to Strava getting time differences?

    My times are generally close but are faster than the original export. Typically, they seem to be cutting time from the beginning of the run (ex. a mile one pace in RunGap at 7:48 and the import to Strava at 6:32). I have tried tcx which is worse, gpx which gives me no active time but the correct distance and very close to the correct overall time, and .fit which is the best but still not entirely accurate.

    Anyone having this same issue?

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