Tips for Stationary Rides and Treadmill Runs

Tips and Tricks

  • Data from a Garmin is the best way to capture your data as a stationary activity at the moment. This means that only file formats in TCX or FIT can be uploaded as a stationary activity. If you don't have any accessory data, like heart rate, you can upload GPX files and mark the activity as stationary as well. 
  • It is best to turn OFF your GPS while recording a stationary activity. This will help with correct reporting of moving time and with distance recorded in your data (if you have a speed sensor or power meter). Also, for Premium members with Suffer Score analysis, your HR zone breakdown will be correct. 
  • Didn't record an activity with your Garmin? Enter a manual activity. You'll get the credit for the training and all you have to do is enter the basic fields like duration, time of day, date, and distance. To create a manual activity go to "Upload Activity" on your account and choose "Upload an activity manually". 
For more information on Stationary activities on Strava, go here
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