Tips for Stationary Rides and Treadmill Runs

How to best record your indoor, stationary, treadmill or virtual activities on Strava:

  • Keep in mind that the Strava app for iPhone and Android was not designed for indoor use. The Strava app requires movement and a GPS signal to accurately record data. After completing your indoor activity, we recommend entering the details manually as a manual activity in the Strava app. 
  • The Strava app for Apple Watch includes recording options for indoor running, cycling and workouts.
  • If you are a Zwift user, you can sync your activities to Strava as a Virtual Ride or Virtual Run. These are separate activity types that are locked in so that once the activities are synced to Strava, it's not possible to change the activity type to Ride or Run. This is to protect the Ride and Run segment leaderboards from virtual data. 
  • If you use a designated GPS device like a Garmin, Wahoo ELEMNT, Suunto, Polar or any other supported GPS device, you can easily record indoors. 
    • Indoor data recorded with a GPS device is best measured with accessories like a heart rate monitor, speed or cadence sensor. 
    • If the GPS signal is enabled during recording, use the Stationary Trainer or Treadmill tag on the activity edit options (only available on the Strava website). This will correct the activity time as well as the analysis graphs so that they display by time and not distance. 
    • If you disable the GPS signal on your device, Strava will automatically apply the stationary or indoor tags and your activity time analysis graphs will display correctly. 
  • For more information on indoor activities on Strava, go here
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