CopyMySports: Automatically publish Garmin Connect activities to Strava

CopyMySports (formerly GarminSync) is a 3rd party service that is not directly affiliated with Strava

This service, when connected to your Strava account, will automatically publish Garmin Connect uploads to Strava. This is a convenient way for any Garmin Connect users to upload their data to Strava wirelessly. Especially for Garmin Edge 510 and 810 devices which can upload via Bluetooth to Garmin Connect, this service will also publish the data wirelessly to Strava. 
*Note that you do not have to provide your password for Garmin Connect or Strava in order to use CopyMySports. You only have to authorize CopyMySports to publish activities to your Strava account.
There are two services available on the CopyMySports site:

  • Automatically copy NEW activities to Strava
  • Bulk copy OLD activities to Strava

Authorize CopyMySports to publish to your Strava account

Go to the CopyMySports website and follow the instructions for entering the activity ID of one of your Garmin Connect activities (to find your account). Then follow the prompt to authorize CopyMySports to upload activities to your Strava Account. 
It may take a few minutes for the CopyMySports request to be approved when you first authorize the connection. For frequently asked questions about CopyMySports, please go to their forum here:

Revoking access to CopyMySports (to disconnect the service)

If you would like to remove the CopyMySports application from Strava, thus revoking access to publish your activities to Strava, log into your Strava account and navigate to "Settings" under the main account drop-down menu. From the left side, select "My Apps" and revoke access to the CopyMySports application.

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