Uploading to Strava from a Garmin GPS 60Csx

Although it is not supported for direct upload to Strava, it is possible to upload from your Garmin GPS 60Csx device

To Record/Export one activity track

  • Clear track log, turn tracking ON
  • When activity is complete, turn tracking OFF
  • NOTE: do NOT clear the track log even if you have "saved" the track.
  • Connect the unit to PC, and using Garmin BaseCamp or another program, export the "ACTIVE LOG 001" as .gpx

To record/export multiple activity tracks

  • Clear track log.
  • NOTE: do NOT clear track log between activities. You can turn off the unit between activities.

Activity 1:

  • Turn tracking ON
  • When 1st activity is complete, turn tracking OFF

Activity 2:

  • turn tracking ON
  • When 2nd activity is complete, turn tracking OFF (repeat for more activities)

When all activities are complete:

  • Connect the unit to PC, and using Garmin BaseCamp, note there are multiple active logs. Other programs might work also, but may not show multiple tracks to be imported from the unit. In BaseCamp, you will see "ACTIVE LOG 001", "ACTIVE LOG 002" etc., typically one for each time you turned tracking ON and OFF. Click on each to confirm the track on the map (sometimes ACTIVE LOG tracks are created that are single points or otherwise not meaningful data); each can be exported as separate GPX file including the timestamps required for import to STRAVA.
  • The "current" track log can produce different export tracks for multiple activities. When you "save" the current track on the handheld with a designated name, it will also be visible and can be exported using BaseCamp but it will have lost the timestamps for each track point, so cannot be imported to STRAVA or other program that requires knowing the times between track points in order to calculate all the interesting statistics.
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