Suunto Movescount and Strava

You can automatically upload your activities to Strava from Movescount or the Suunto app for select devices.

  1. In Movescount settings click “Connect with Strava” and log into Strava. If you do not have a Strava account, register first.
  2. You can select to sync all of your Moves, only rides or only runs with Strava. You also have an option to turn syncing off.
  3. After the next Movescount sync, your new Moves will be automatically transferred to Strava.
  4. Only new activities will sync to Strava automatically. Activities without GPS data and any lap data will not sync.

Occasionally, we experience temporary outages or delays in the syncing service between Movescount and Strava. Remember, activities without GPS data will not sync to Strava at this time. In the event that your Suunto activity is not synced from Movescount to Strava, you may be able to manually import your activities to Strava by following these steps:

  1. After you sync your watch go to "My Moves" in Movescount.
  2. Click on the icon showing the Move you want to export in the calendar on the right so it loads that Move on the left panel.
  3. Click on Tools in the upper right-hand corner and choose the format you'd like to export the Move in. Only .TCX, .GPX, and .FIT files can be uploaded to Strava.
  4. Save it to your desktop and then log in to Strava and click Upload Activity in the upper right. Select the file you just saved for upload.

15737583_export-moves-from-movescount-1.png 15761701_export-moves-from-movescount-3.png 15769127_export-moves-from-movescount-4.png

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  • Same here, have a Suunto Ambit2 and syncing from movescount to strava results in incorrect starting time of the activity, even if it shows the correct start time in movescount. How can I fix this?

  • Same problem here, having the Ambit 3 Peak, synced move is showing immediately on the strava website but hours later in the iPhone App. Also have the problem with wrong start time. Movescount shows the correct start time but according to Strava the starttime was 2 hours later!! Therefore the flybys are useless!

  • I belive this is a Suunto bug.
    TCX files from Suunto (synced to strava) have incorrect timestamps.
    I have compared a GPX and TCX for the same activity to confirm this.

    GPX files however are fine so manually importing GPX files are a workaround today.
    Manually importing TCX files give the same result as the autosync.

    Please make a request to Suunto to fix this! The more request the quicker fix!

  • @Torbjörn: I can confirm this. When disabling the auto sync in movescount and manually upload the GPX file from movescount to strava it shows the correct activity start time. If I manually upload the .fit file the activity starting time is the time when I did the upload. And if I manually upload the .tcx file the start time is the actual activity start time plus 2 hours.

  • This is interesting, Torbjörn J. I created both GPX and TCX files for the same Suunto move. The TCX has an initial timestamp of 2016-07-07T06:13:13Z which is, of course, 6:13 in the morning - the time I did swim. Strava interprets this as the day before and at 1:13 in the morning. The GPX file's initial timestamp is: 2016-07-07T13:13:13.992Z which is 1:13 in the afternoon, yet Strava interprets this as 6:13 in the morning. So I am not sure where the problem is.

  • Hi folks! If you check our homepage you'll see this listed as a known issue. The issue is coming from Suunto, and we're waiting to hear an update from them on a fix. Thanks.

  • Having Ambit 3 Movescount with autosync to Strava. if I log in via the web and not the app, my activity syncs straight away! But I can't find on Strava app(iPhone)
    What is going on

  • I have the same problem as, Khalid. My activity does only show for 1 second before it disappears on the iPhone application. However, on the webpage it does show at all time. My friends also can see that i did a run today, but they can't find the activity.

  • I have the exact same issue since the last week when the suunto ambit 3 did a firmware update. Rides sync immediately to starva iOS mobile app and full strava internet site. BUT and this is the main part, all that is shown on the mobile app is the total activity time - no route, no segments, no achievements, this only appears after one hour. All info however is available immediately on the full strava internet site. It is clearly an iOS strava app and movescount2 sync issue that needs resolving ASAP

  • Same issues mentioned by Simon above is happening with the Android sync. It did not happen until about two weeks ago. Please fix this as it's very frustrating

  • is there a way to load each event from a triathlon individually? I can see the ride separately on Movescount, but not on Strava. I would like to be able to see segments, pace, etc. thanks for any insight

  • Randy Bish, from the Strava website, you can go into Actions (the little wrench icon) where there is an option to perform a two-way or three-way split, then you can assign the proper activity to each split.

  • Thanks in advantage, Anybody know if SUUNTO has solved the issue?

  • We've heard from Suunto today that they have fixed the issue. Please confirm if your uploads have the correct start time when synced to Strava, thanks for your patience while the issue was addressed.

  • Yes, today's log that I uploaded to suunto movescount got transferred automatically to strava with the correct starting time.
    Glad you (whoever 'you' may be) could fix this bug!

  • Confirmed. Activity has now the correct start time when auto synced from Movescount to Strava. Thanks to Diana from Suunto Support for her effort pushing this internally after I explained her yesterday the problem by mail.

  • Great, thanks so much for confirming the fix!

  • Yes, Today the system worked OK!

  • Agreed. Everything looks fine now. Thank you!

  • Is any opportunity to autosync non-GPS activities,like treadmill or swimming pool?

  • When mine sync, Strava over exaggerates my climbing statistics in comparison to Movescount. If I press the correct elevation button in Strava, it changes, but then becomes under Movescount. Is there a plan for this? I bought the Ambit3 specifically because I live in a flood plain area which Strava thinks is 100% flat, but it's not. It takes elevation data from the water high mark, despite the dam keeping the water as close to zero as safely possible.

  • Glad Suunto have fixed the time stamp issue, but I'm still having the problem which I think started this thread, which is activities from Movescount occasionally (and again today) not uploading to Strava at all. Any ideas?

  • Hi there.
    I've put a comment here regarding this issue 5 months ago. After sending emails to both Suunto and Strava I've only received a response from Strava, saying rhat it was not their issue but Suunto's one.
    Suunto did't respond, which was dissapointing, but they released an app update (months later but they did) that fixed the problem for me. Now I can go for an activity, sync it to the Movescount iPhone app and when I open Strava on the iPhone as well it already uploads the activities in Movescount straight, as it was doing at the beginning.
    However I can see there are still people having the same issue, so I'd say that Strava has something to do with it as well more than blaiming Suunto, and as far as they are partners in this and they offer us the possibility of sincyng both apps, they should engage one with each other to solve the issue for everyone, or at least release an statement explaning what happens. Both companies are really quiet about this.
    As I said my problem is fixed now, but wanted to share my opinion in case it helps. Regards.

  • Did the software updates solve the lap data issue ("Lap data is not transferred to Strava")? Or are there plans to fix this/workarounds?

  • I have the Suunto Spartan. Used to use Movescount as primary application for checking my moves, it works but I'd like the idea of segments. A friend suggested Strava, so I joined. Unfortunately the integration of Strava (segments not showing on watch, sync with moves count not working) is not working very good. Not going to go premium for exactly this reason. Strava and Suunto: fix it and you will have a new customer(s)

  • My data that has been synced with my movescount app has just in the past few days had huge delays up to several hours to sync with Strava - see this issue has popped up a number of times in this feed and is obviously still occuring for some people.

  • Same problems; Movescounts has similar data to my Suunto Ambit. Strava takes forever to load the runs and the elevation is WAAAY off. Help??

  • The problem is back again, since yesterday !

  • Yep. Having the same problems here. Suunto Ambit to Movescount uploads within seconds… Yet there is no uploading the moves to Strava anymore… which is a bit of a nuisance. And I wonder why that is. And if there's a solution. And why I should keep paying for Strava Premium membership if simple uploads do not work anymore.

  • "me too'.
    It seems that there is a problem synchronizing from Movescount to Strava. It worked flawlessly for 2 years. Suddenly this week it does not. The workaround is to download GPX and upload it to Strava.

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