Suunto Movescount and Strava

You can automatically upload your activities to Strava from Movescount or the Suunto app for select devices.

  1. In Movescount settings click “Connect with Strava” and log into Strava. If you do not have a Strava account, register first.
  2. You can select to sync all of your Moves, only rides or only runs with Strava. You also have an option to turn syncing off.
  3. After the next Movescount sync, your new Moves will be automatically transferred to Strava.
  4. Only new activities will sync to Strava automatically. Activities without GPS data and any lap data will not sync.

Occasionally, we experience temporary outages or delays in the syncing service between Movescount and Strava. Remember, activities without GPS data will not sync to Strava at this time. In the event that your Suunto activity is not synced from Movescount to Strava, you may be able to manually import your activities to Strava by following these steps:

  1. After you sync your watch go to "My Moves" in Movescount.
  2. Click on the icon showing the Move you want to export in the calendar on the right so it loads that Move on the left panel.
  3. Click on Tools in the upper right-hand corner and choose the format you'd like to export the Move in. Only .TCX, .GPX, and .FIT files can be uploaded to Strava.
  4. Save it to your desktop and then log in to Strava and click Upload Activity in the upper right. Select the file you just saved for upload.

15737583_export-moves-from-movescount-1.png 15761701_export-moves-from-movescount-3.png 15769127_export-moves-from-movescount-4.png

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  • Exact same problem. It was fine last week and then all of a sudden with the latest Movescount app update (v2.7.2 on iOS), the slow syncing to Strava problem appeared.

  • Good news you can now connect your Suunto Ambit/Ambit2/Ambit3 watch directly to Strava from Android with a new app. No need to use a PC or the Movescount site. Just connect the watch with USB to the phone and sync your rides and runs directly with Strava. The integration is really neat, if you have the Strava app installed then it even sends you a notification to edit the name of the activity or add your running shoes/bike and so on.

    Search for Ambit Connect on the Play Store or use the link below:


  • I used to sync activities between different services including movescount and strava. As a result I have all my legacy activites together now in whatever service I use.

  • Hey guys, dunno if this thread is still active; syncing from movescount to strava is almost instant now but im still getting discrepancies in the collected data (different cycling time, different calories count, different distance etc...) if Suunto is only transferring the data to strava, seems to me the issue could be on Strava's side by somehow "misinterpreting" the collected data??

  • G A - I think it's a matter of opinion whether Strava is misinterpreting the data or not! The way we look at it, Suunto uploads the raw data to Strava, and Strava reprocesses the data with our own algorithms. Some discrepancy is to be expected.

  • Elle - I don't see how getting very different results is a matter of opinion... as an end consumer I don't really care if the discrepancy is happening on Suunto or Strava's end; it's simply annoying and inaccurate...
    My comment was more of an assumption than a statement; given that the initial data was collected using Suunto's device it's only normal to assume that Strava's algorithm is interpreting it "differently"...

  • I think your assumption is correct, that Strava is interpreting the data differently But neither version of the activity stats is necessarily more or less accurate. The reason is that GPS data has a consistent and inherent degree of error.

  • If activity time seems to be now fixed for GPS activites, it is still not the case for activities without GPS data.
    For example, some indoor activities held in the evening are mentionned in Strava as morning activities. Is there any way to correct this?

  • G A. I have similar issue. When I use pool swimming activity (non GPS) it exports to strava automatically but it always subtracts one pool length. E.g. 2000meters in movescount -> 1975 meters in strava. Annoying.

  • Hi team, i uploaded from Movescount to Strava successfully for some time (activity is Running), but recently Strava started getting the moving time wrong (this is weird as the data comes from a watch!), so the pace, speed and other metrics are useless on Strava, except for gragging rights as Strava has me run a LOT faster than in there a setting I am getting wrong?


  • Sadly, Movescount does not appear to process the request to link to Strava. Is it possible to upload directly to Strava from a Suunto device?

  • Sometimes suunto mileage and strava mileage do not have the same mileage totals, Why???

  • yes we can!

  • I too are getting very different distances between Movescount and Strava. Does Strava take into account vertical gps elevations into its calculations? Though that doesn't explain why pool laps are also reduced. Let's face it we know how many laps we're doing and the length of the pool, but Strava somehow cuts the distance short.

  • Same here with swimming. All swimming periods (between rest periods) are correctly synced and shown in Strava, but somehow the total distance is a lot less (700m i/o 1200m in this case) and therefore pace is not correct.

  • Hi same here with swimming, today swam 2020 meters indoor pool according to movescount, but 1940 meters according to strava. Indoor pool there is no GPS involved, right? How come Strava messes that up, there's no independent calculation!! The device is Ambit 3 peak

  • Hi there. I'm quite happy with how quick a workout is synced from Movescount to Strava, however, every synced workout is set to private by default. All Strava settings are set to public though. I have to manually switch to public everytime a workout is synced to Strava... Anyone else experiencing the same problem? How can this be fixed?

  • All of a sudden today my Suunto movescount is not syncing to strava. It works flawlessly for months and months then has trouble, and I never know what has happened. I sync the same way everytime.... so frustrating.

  • Strava results always different than those of my Suunto, sometimes greater than ten percent, mainly in swimming and cycling.
    Is there anything I can do to reduce these gaps?

  • Hi! Can you please help me to syncronize the activity "trail running" of 18.3.2017 from my Suunto device. Usually i don't have problems, but today Strava don't syncronize, i don't know why ??
    Thank you!!!

  • Suunto won't upload/sync to Strava. First time it's happened. PB as well 👿

  • Hola!! Hoy no me sincroniza la actividad de movescount de suunto, ni en la web de strava ni en la app aparece. No me habia pasado nunca. Espero alguna respuesta, gracias!

  • Movescount didn't sync with Strava today. This hasn't happened in quite some time, but frustrating nonetheless. Why does this continue to happen and what is the fix. I don't want to add my runs manually each time.

  • Activities were auto uploaded from Movescount to Strava until update maybe?

  • Do not sync from today. Worked great before.

  • Same as Heather Foley I'm having same problem from today on, Yesterday activity was synced, but today when I checked If the new activity, nothing was uploaded from movescount. Really frustrating, please check what's wrong with app.

  • Loaded a run to movescount this morning but still nothing on strava this evening. Anyone aware of this issue?

  • Same issue as Greg Boucher previous ^ ?! Movescount to Strava not syncing on today's activity!?

  • Same no data in strava 8 hours after activity. 28th of feb an activity never synced but I think that was related to AWS going down. Has anyone noticed that that the swim pace chart no longer populates?

  • Finished my run 3 hours ago and synced to Movescount no problem but nothing syncing to Strava. Have not had this issue in months.

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