Suunto Movescount and Strava

You can automatically upload your activities to Strava from Movescount or the Suunto app for select devices.

  1. In Movescount settings click “Connect with Strava” and log into Strava. If you do not have a Strava account, register first.
  2. You can select to sync all of your Moves, only rides or only runs with Strava. You also have an option to turn syncing off.
  3. After the next Movescount sync, your new Moves will be automatically transferred to Strava.
  4. Only new activities will sync to Strava automatically. Activities without GPS data and any lap data will not sync.

Occasionally, we experience temporary outages or delays in the syncing service between Movescount and Strava. Remember, activities without GPS data will not sync to Strava at this time. In the event that your Suunto activity is not synced from Movescount to Strava, you may be able to manually import your activities to Strava by following these steps:

  1. After you sync your watch go to "My Moves" in Movescount.
  2. Click on the icon showing the Move you want to export in the calendar on the right so it loads that Move on the left panel.
  3. Click on Tools in the upper right-hand corner and choose the format you'd like to export the Move in. Only .TCX, .GPX, and .FIT files can be uploaded to Strava.
  4. Save it to your desktop and then log in to Strava and click Upload Activity in the upper right. Select the file you just saved for upload.

15737583_export-moves-from-movescount-1.png 15761701_export-moves-from-movescount-3.png 15769127_export-moves-from-movescount-4.png

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  • Like Helen Foley, my movescount activities are no longer syncing to strava. I have have updated my strava phone app and Ambit3 software but still no luck. Very disappointing! Guess I won't be using strava as much anymore.

  • I'm having the same issue - Watch is uploading to Movescount but data isn't transferring to Strava automatically like usual. Have done 2 runs and neither have transferred to Strava. Is there a fix coming??

  • Suunto movescount has not synced to strava for me since Monday. Is there an issue? I see that Heather Foley was having the same problem last Monday.

  • My latest moves today at Suunto Movescount is not syncing to strava, the last time sync on thursday was fine, what's going on?

  • Hi same to me. My run activities today doesn't sync from movescount to strava. Any issue?

  • Same issue started for me on the 17th. I have 3 activities uploaded to movescount between then and now. None of them have synced with strava.

  • i am having the same problem heather foley, last three moves havent uploaded to strava, i tried to disconnect and reconnect and still nothing, did you resolve your issue?

  • Syncing between Suunto movescount and Strava stopped working from one day to the other without apparent reason. The activity shows up in movescount but not in Strava.

  • Same here.
    My workout on Thursday has been uploaded to Strava. But yesterday's is only uploaded to Movescount but not to Strava..

  • Same here. It's really frustrating as I would like to show my friends the latest track right away. Guess we will have to wait again... not a good way of dealing with this problem, same thing happens regularly.

  • Did anyone get the syncing thing sorted out? Seems mine is now doing the same thing... not sure where the gap is as it eventually gets onto the Movescount website, I can see it on my Movescount app, but Strava doesn't seem to show it? Any ideas?

  • #Heather Foley Same problem here! Did you manage to fix it?

  • My movescout does not synchronize with Strava. It has always worked. The problem is from Saturday .

  • Movescount is not syncing to strava my recent activities!! Any fix?

  • Has not been able to upload Movescount data to Strava for a couple of days now. What's the issue?

  • Mine used to sync fine as well. Never had problems. Now my run only shows up on Movescount and not on Strava. Is there a fix?

  • started a race yesterday at 2:00 p.m. I finished at 5:20 p.m. Arriving home around 8:00 p.m. I already connected my Suunto Ambit, it's now 10:58 A.M and my race does not appear on the Strava.

  • Strava and Suunto Movescount is not syncing since two days! please help!

  • Movescount is not syncing any more to Strava since march 16th. 2 workouts in the meantime, in movescount everything ok. What is the problem?

  • My Suunto Movescount just wont sync with Strava even after more than 6 hours of run/swim today with GPS ON. And what's the point of having this page when all I see are questions and venting from users without any response or advise from Strava?

  • Going to add myself to this list. My new Suunto Spartan Ultra was syncing perfectly until 2 days ago now none of my moves are being sent through to Strava. Does anyone from Strava or Suunto have any ideas whats going on?

  • Has there been a new update where uploading Suunto moves has become impossible? I can't figure how to make this work. I've disconnected Strava connection and reconnected in Movescount. And have done the same on the Apple Movescount App. Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated. Seriously considering a Garmin. They never had issues connecting with Strava.

  • Same with me Heather Foley. Stuff I did at the beginning of last week synced with Strava stright away, then stuff I did 48 hours ago is still not there. Hugely frustrating. I saw an earlier thread talk about deleting the data from Movescount and then re-uploading ......I just don't have time to spend doing this

  • My moves are not uploading to strava

  • Heather Foley
    Monday at 01:59
    All of a sudden today my Suunto movescount is not syncing to strava. It works flawlessly for months and months then has trouble, and I never know what has happened. I sync the same way everytime.... so frustrating.

    I have the same issue. It hasn´t synced automatically since tuesday.. Any answers?

  • Update your Movescount app folks!

  • My Suunto movescount is not synchîng anymore with Strava for a few days (never had troubles in the past). Is it me or global issue (see Heather's comment)?

  • Three days in a row now that my info from Movescount hasn't automatically uploaded after fifty straight runs with no problem, usually on Strava within ten minutes. What could possibly have changed? Ideas?

  • Same issue for me this weekend. Activities don't sync to Strava even after several hours but show in the Movescount app. The app is up-to-date according to the App Store. What gives?

  • My Ambit3 no longer sync to Strava after March 16. It looks like a lot of people are having the same problem as me. The only way to get my runs on Strava now is manually import a gpx. This sucks!

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