Soleus and Strava

Use Soleus SYNC to upload your activities to Strava. Download and install Soleus SYNC here, then follow the Software Download Instructions.

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  • my soleus data syncs to another account.

  • I can't upload from my soleus device since linking my Garmin to the account.

  • What do we do if we accidentally said no to allowing the data share between Soleus and Strava? I clicked No when I needed to click Yes and now I can't upload any data. Is there a way to retry and allow access?

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  • It would appear Soleus Sync is not currently working with Strava? The java application reports "peer not authenticated". It worked a few days ago, but not today. Tried two different computers.

    Attempting to Authorize with Strava again just loads a blank browser window, which would typically load the page on Strava's website which asks you if you want to authorize the app.

  • Syncing from my Soleous Computer app used to direct me to Strava log in page, now is jus a blank page.... any solutions to this issue?

  • Also have the same issue since yesterday. "peer not authenticated" . Tried installing app on another PC and get the same. Has been working for a coulple of months prevously without issues. On clicking sych. get a blank java window.

  • I'm having the same issue. Can't get it to work on 3 different computers.

  • I have been in communication with Soleus via email. They are working on the issue. It's related to security settings with Strava and they're working with Strava on fixing it asap.

  • January 11, 2019 This problem that is happening with the 802 BIKEGUY I am having the same problem The Java application reports "non-authenticated peer". The attempt to authorize with Strava again just loads a blank browser window, I want to know how you managed to solve this problem, if you resolved please send me to my email, the information. I have 3 information from my races that I could not pass on to STRAVA. I live Brazil from Brazil, thank you for your attention

  • It is a problem with Soleus and Strava. The two companies are working to solve the issue. Please keep checking the app morning and evening and post here if it starts working as that means it will work for everyone.

  • Thanks for the 802 BIKEGUY, let's wait for work on the security settings with Strava. thank you...

    January 11, 2019

  • bom dia. Estou tentando sicronizar soleus ,aplicativo Java reporta "ponto não autenticado". A tentativa de autorizar com Strava novamente apenas carrega uma janela do navegador em branco, eu quero saber como vocês podem resolver este problema.

  • Same problem 4 days with this problem . non-authenticated peer ...

  • Hopefully Soleus is reading this - I'm still experience upload authentication issues as of Saturday morning, January 12, 2019.

  • I´m having the same trouble as 802 Bikeguy and silveira s.

  • Hi, I have had exactly the same problem with getting the blank screen. Do we know if Soleus and Strava have fixed this issue yet?

  • anyone fixed this yet?

  • Por que o relogio GPS soleus nao sincroniza mais as atividades com o aplicativo strava.

  • Por que o relogio GPS soleus nao sincroniza mais as atividades com o aplicativo strava.

  • i think its an SSL issue. They must have lost or changed certificate when they recovered servers.

  • Same issue, no response from Strava. Come on,what the fucks going on?

  • silveira s

    I have the same problem, you managed to solve it?? I already uniinstall and I returned to install the program and nothing, the problem continue

  • I'm having the same issue.

  • Eu quero fazer o download dos dados pelo programa Soleus GPS, insiro o cabo usb e aparece uma msg "No USB device". Pergunta: existe alguma coisa que funcione nesse Soleus? Pelo que me parece, comprei um péssimo produto com propaganda enganosa dizendo que possuía aplicativo Soleus na Apple Store e quando fui consultar nao existe mais este aplicativo disponível na Apple. E agora ele não sincroniza, que triste esta falta de respeito com o cliente.

  • I use a Soleus GPS watch and I am still seeing this problem when I try to upload my run from Sunday 1/13. (It is now Tuesday 1/15.) I just get a new blank white window when trying to upload via the Soleus Sync 2 app and nothing happens. Any ETA on when this will be fixed? Or is there a work-around? (I upload via the app on a Windows Laptop.)

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