Uploading from a Garmin device

There are two ways to get the activities you record on your Garmin device into Strava.

Automatic upload via Garmin Connect/Garmin Express 

Activities uploaded to Garmin Connect™ can be automatically synced to your Strava account. Use Garmin's Garmin Express software (or the Garmin Connect mobile app, if your device is Bluetooth-enabled) to upload your activity to Garmin Connect. Wait a few minutes, and it will automatically appear on Strava.

  1. Download and install Garmin Express.
  2. Add your device to Garmin Express.
  3. Create an account on Garmin Connect.
  4. Visit strava.com/upload/device.
  5. Find the Garmin section and click Get Started.
  6. Choose the Connect with Garmin option.
  7. Enter your Garmin Connect™ log-in credentials to authorize a link to Strava. If you don't already have a Garmin Connect™ account, you'll be prompted to create one. If you log in with a social network instead of an email and password, make sure you are currently logged in to Garmin Connect™ so that your information is auto-filled. 

Once you've established this connection, any new activities uploaded to Garmin Connect™ will automatically sync to Strava within minutes. No need to wait on the upload page; the new activities will appear automatically. After your first upload, we'll even sync your past 90 days of Garmin Connect activity.

We suggest using Garmin Express to easily and seamlessly upload your activities from connected devices to Garmin Connect™. Should you need to disconnect your Garmin and Strava accounts for any reason, you can do this on your Settings page at strava.com/settings/profile. Note that you may also have to disconnect your accounts from the Garmin Connect side as well which can be found at http://connect.garmin.com/account.

 Download Garmin Express

Manual Upload via File

Upload activities directly to Strava from your hard-drive mountable Garmin devices. No software or plug-in required! (NOTE: This option is not available for devices that use the ANT+ agent)

  1. Visit strava.com/upload/select.
  2. Click Choose file.
  3. Browse to the Activities folder on your connected device and select the .FIT files that you'd like to add. 

Supported Devices

Please visit this page for a list of supported GPS devices from Garmin and other manufacturers.


I just connected my Garmin and Strava accounts. What now?

Go out for a run or a ride! Upload your activity to Garmin Connect (via Garmin Express or the Garmin mobile app). It should appear on Strava within minutes. Your first upload to Garmin Connect after linking your Garmin and Strava accounts will also trigger a sync of up to 90 days of past Garmin Connect activity.

I uploaded to Garmin Connect a while ago, but I still don't see the activity on Strava. What gives?

We're seeing the occasional delay when syncing from Garmin's side, especially during peak upload times. While the sync functionality will usually take only a few minutes, some users are reporting delays of up to 12 hours. We're working with Garmin to find a resolution.

You can check whether Garmin Sync is working by checking out their status page and referring to the "Strava" status (6th from the bottom). The Strava status page also displays uploads from Garmin Connect. 

If you find yourself in this situation and don't want to wait, you can upload directly to Strava via file upload option from some devices.

No activities are syncing to Strava, even after uploading a new activity to Garmin Connect. How can I start over?

One way to ensure a refreshed connection between Garmin Connect and Strava is to disconnect Garmin Sync from your Strava settings, then reconnect. To disconnect, visit Settings in the mobile app or website, and select "disconnect". To reconnect, follow the authorization flow after selecting connect.

Remember, Garmin sync is not triggered until the first new activity is uploaded to Garmin after your accounts are reconnected. At that point, Garmin will sync the new activity to Strava, and check your 90-day activity history and sync any missing files to Strava as well. This can be performed with a short test activity that is later deleted. 

I mark my activities as private on Garmin Connect, but they're public on Strava. How come?

When you upload to Garmin Connect, your data is instantly put into a queue to be sent/synced to Strava. Unfortunately, this happens before the activity is processed by Garmin (or otherwise deemed 'private'). Strava is not informed of the 'private' status of the activity on the Garmin Connect side.

We're working with Garmin on ways to improve this experience. For those of you who are adversely affected by this, we suggest disconnecting your Garmin and Strava accounts and uploading via file upload either directly from your device or by exporting GPX or TCX files from Garmin Connect and uploading those files.

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