Fitbit and Strava

You can automatically sync your Fitbit activities to Strava. To authorize the connection between Fitbit and Strava, go to or from the Strava mobile app go to Settings > Applications, Services, and Devices > Connect a new device to Strava > Fitbit.

  • Only new activities will sync automatically after creating the connection. If you wish to export a previous activity from Fitbit and upload it directly to Strava, please refer to Fitbit's instructions on data export. 
  • Activities with no GPS data and duplicate activities will not sync to Strava. 

What do I do if Fitbit data is not Syncing to Strava?

  1. Try reconnecting your accounts, syncing your Fitbit tracker, and waiting an hour.
  2. Confirm that you are not recording a duplicate exercise in the Strava app and Fitbit app/device simultaneously.
  3. Confirm that you are recording a GPS exercise if using Fitbit (only exercises with GPS on Fitbit will be sent to Strava).
  4. Confirm that you recorded a new exercise after connecting your accounts (previous exercises won’t be uploaded). You can use the TCX export from Fitbit to upload older exercises manually.
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  • The only time I have had double rides uploaded for the same ride I had set both fitbit and strava recording the ride at the same time to compare the data that came out. This resulted in bother strava and fitbit apps showing duplicate rides. Now I only record on either the fitbit or strava on my phone, I no longer get duplicates.

    Could this be your issue? Although the not sure about blaze as I use surge.

  • Hmm Stephen, that's interesting. Are you using the Strava app at the same time? I also just got the Blaze, but I haven't gone for a bike ride yet. I've done a few runs, and each time they sync perfectly (only those with GPS).

    Have you tried un-linking them and then re-linking them? I can't see why Strava would upload a route unless you had it running... but then again, I don't write code or apps so what the hell do I know lmao.

  • OH! Btw, this has been working seamlessly for me after I removed the sync between accounts and gave it a day, then reconnected them. But I also removed the sync for MyFitnessPal because I'm over that site.

    Sucks we can't use the Blaze as it's own HR monitor for the smartphone app. I just bought a new Garmin, using the Blaze for everything else. (Not practical for century rides or all day excursions where I'll want to keep my phone charged in case of any emergency.)

  • I have the fitbit surge, love the fact that it transfers over to Strava so I can see my segments, but I have been finding over the last few months that my Strava segments have not been picked up, This is the MAIN reason I use Strava, I can see on the map that the route has not been picked up correctly but it is correct on my Fitbit map :(

  • How much historical fitbit data is imported automatically? I would love to be able to sync the past year or so of bike commuting.

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  • Hi Folks
    Ive been syncing data between Strava and Fitbit for a while now and everything has been working ok but i have recently started to use Zwift for my indoor training and the rides that i do on Zwift are not being sent to fitbit like all my other rides normally do. Zwift is synced with Strava so any rides i do on Zwift show up on my Strava feed. does anyone know if theres anything i need to do to make the Zwift ride info sync to Fitbit ?

  • You are getting heart rate information from your Fitbit Charge in Strava?


  • My strava data comes from my Fitbit Surge. A couple of times, the activities recorded at my Fitbit dashboard was not tally with the one in Strava. Usually, Strava info a bit off and wrong. If both apps sync together, why my Strava recorded data were differ from my Fitbit? My Fitbit info usually almost the same as the one recorded with timing chip. Please advice.

  • Bought Fitbit Charge 2, three days before. today morning i ran 30mins by tracking on my charge 2. It syncs on fitbit app but not on strava app. Already revoked and accessed again apps.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Please please!!

  • Navdeep, I see some upload errors on your account and it seems that the files that Fitbit sent Strava were empty (did not contain GPS data). But, I now see two successful uploads. Did you resolve the issue?

  • Linking fitbit and strava works just fine for me, if I manually start/stop the ride, and make sure that gps is recording. However, I really don't think it's a good link because, there's no way to set name, pubilc/private, commute/workout/etc, notes, pictures, etc until after it's uploaded (at some indeterminate amount of time after finishing the activity). It actually bothers me that some other website is able to add things to my feed without any interaction from me.

    If there was a way to hold automatically synced events until approved, or set defaults for the auto sync (ie that it's private), then maybe it would be ok. As it stands, the link is a kludge. I think it would be better to be able to just use the strava app and have the strava app connect to the fitbit for heart rate data. Why can't strava add fitbit devices as hr monitors?

  • Is there a problem with the servers today? After a morning run Strava still hasn't uploaded or seen that I did anything. When trying to update on the mobile app it just says error.

  • My run with GPS recorded in my
    Fitbit surge won't sync this evening. Usually it's pretty much instant. I have revoked access and tried to reconnect but the link to do so is not working. Any ideas?

  • I am waiting for either Fitbit or Strava to allow ALL workouts my Charge 2 senses upload to Strava. Not just runs and rides. Having to manually enter this in my Strava account is a pain in the ***

  • I have noticed that activity timings recorded on my Fitbit are not the same when they upload to Strava. Eg on this morning's cycle to work my Fitbit recorded my time to be 36 mins but on Strava it is recorded as 41:50. Not sure exactly why Strava doesn't just take the exact figure and what it is doing with it.

    Can someone explain why this happens and if anything can be done? My times are regularly around the 36min mark so comfortable that the 41:50 is not correct.


  • Robert, the most likely explanation is that you had one or more pauses in your ride whih Fitbit ignores but Strava doesn't.

    There is a detailed discussion here with responses from the Strava people.

  • Why not let us dync all data, not just those with gps...I have to record crossfit has a run than change it back to crossfit once its uploaded, but it's not as it should be. I really have a hard time understanding why thus is not possible...

  • Sync with fitbit seems broken since yesterday (03/06/2017). The fitbit settings show that the "Fitbit + Strava" application has access and write rights. Anyone else having problems?

  • Nevermind, it just synced for yesterday and today. All's good.

  • I have not been able to get my Zwift rides that are in Strava to sync with my fitbit account. Anyone else having this problem?

  • I'm having the same issue as Joyce. I have been syncing data between Strava and Fitbit for a while now and everything has been working fine, but I've recently started to use Zwift for my indoor training and the rides that i do on Zwift are not being sent to fitbit like all my other rides normally do. Zwift is synced with Strava so any rides i do on Zwift show up on my Strava feed. does anyone know if theres anything i need to do to make the Zwift ride info sync to Fitbit ?

  • Is there a problem with syncing between fitbit and strava? I have a fitbit surge and my activities are not syncing to strava, but my accounts are well connected. Anyone facing the same issue?


  • My run at lunch yesterday did sync, but today's has not. In the passed it''s been almost instant posting between Fitbit and Strava but nothing now for 4 hours...

  • Ethan, same for me, my link from Fitbit to Strava was bulletproof for 12+ months, but since yesterday, the run I recorded with my Surge with GPS data will not sync. Let's hope this gets figured out.

  • Hi,
    I'm happily syncing between SBlaze and Strava, except I am getting huge discrepancies in the distances (and therefore average speed, etc.).
    Over the last few days Strava has shown 12, 18, 13% lower distance than fitbit.
    Today I ran strava on my iphone in parallel. The strava (on iphone) distance was 5% higher than the strava from fitbit distance.
    I asked fitbit, they said de-link then re-link the apps (done) else ask Strava, so here I am

    Any ideas??

  • The last two activities I completed on 25/05/17 with my fitbit haven't synced to my Strava! Is there an issue with this connection at the moment? They're not appearing on the full site or the app but I haven't changed any settings. Please help!

  • I have for over a year been syncing my data from my Fitbit Surge to Strava and have noticed over the past few weeks it taking longer to appear in Strava. However today my data has not synced at all. This obviously is not good, is there a problem. Please help asap.

  • Thanks again

  • I do have a Fitbit charge 2 and normally it works perfectly. But today I ran 8K using the gps of my phone as usual but it didn't sync. What a shame!!!!

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