Fitbit and Strava

You can automatically sync your Fitbit activities to Strava. To authorize the connection between Fitbit and Strava, go to or from the Strava mobile app go to Settings > Applications, Services, and Devices > Connect a new device to Strava > Fitbit.

  • Only new activities will sync automatically after creating the connection. If you wish to export a previous activity from Fitbit and upload it directly to Strava, please refer to Fitbit's instructions on data export. 
  • Activities with no GPS data and duplicate activities will not sync to Strava. 

What do I do if Fitbit data is not Syncing to Strava?

  1. Try reconnecting your accounts, syncing your Fitbit tracker, and waiting an hour.
  2. Confirm that you are not recording a duplicate exercise in the Strava app and Fitbit app/device simultaneously.
  3. Confirm that you are recording a GPS exercise if using Fitbit (only exercises with GPS on Fitbit will be sent to Strava).
  4. Confirm that you recorded a new exercise after connecting your accounts (previous exercises won’t be uploaded). You can use the TCX export from Fitbit to upload older exercises manually.
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  • Why does it have to be a Surge? I have a Blaze. Can that not work as well?

  • I concur with Mary Lea. I've used Strava for years and am I premium member. It would be great if the Blaze would be compatible with Strava! Just got one and disappointed they don't sync. Are you working on this?

  • I have a Blaze. Activities containing GPS data recorded using the Blaze will sync automatically to Strava. Of course, you must take your smart phone with you and make sure to check that the Blaze is connected to your phone's GPS before you start (if it says, "Let's Go", you're good to go but if it says, "Check with phone" then you need to attend to it or you will have no GPS data and no Strava sync).

  • Is there a way to see a log what activities where synced and when?

  • Any news on the intermittent syncing issues? Another run that didn't sync last night...

  • Thanks Rodger D. Tracked activity with Fitbit but had Strava running concurrently. Both tracked but when I finished on Fitbit it automatically add it to Strava. Then just deleted my duplicate. Good advice - thanks again

  • Am i being stupid? (New fitbit blaze user). Does the blaze not just track and sync with Strava? Or do you have to wear your phone to run with too?
    The reason i got Blaze was so i didnt have to wear multiple technology as I do with POLAR. All i want is a simple watch that tracks my running and uploads easily!!

  • Sorry Lee - in order for Strava to accept your run it must have GPS data. Blaze doesn't have its own GPS and must rely on the GPS in the phone. If you want to leave your phone at home, you'll need a device with GPS; Fitbit Surge or various Garmins, etc. eg:

  • I am the only one who suddenly lost the connection between Strava and Fitbit Surge?

  • Lee, your blaze needs to link to the GPS on your phone, as it does not have GPS built in, but connected GPS. That is why I went for the surge.

  • Hi Vinnie, Mine dropped on tuesday, had to re-link (if that is a word LOL)

  • Hey, i just linked my FitBit account to strava and it not sync at all. What I'm doing wrong?

  • Is there a way to unconnect this? So I just did it, but in hindsight, Fitbit auto-tracks anyhow so really there is no need.

  • Why isn't it possible to sync past activities between Fitbit and Strava? My girlfriend has over a years worth of Fitbit and Garmin Connect activities to sync and where the Garmin Connect activities work just fine, the Fitbit ones don't.

  • WORKAROUND - There is definitely an issue with sync between Strava and Fitbit for some people, I tried disconnect the accounts and rejoin, no change.

    The only way I can get it to work is, after I finish my 5k run on strava and upload it. I then go into the Fitbit app. Create a false (log) activitie (using the timer icon) for say 1k run, save it. (Don't make it the same as the one you logged in Strava, so there is no confusion) Let it sync or force sync by swiping down the screen, then I delete the false log in Fitbit and the correct activity will then sync down after 30 seconds to a minute. Works every time.

    I have to do the same for cycles.
    And I found that if you used strava to log a walk it won't pick up in fitbit at all, no matter what I tried. I have to log walks as runs for it to work.
    Love the idea of two apps connected. But they are a little flaky working together.
    Might be some hiccups with the API.

  • I did a ride with my Fitbit Surge and IPhone with me. Strava and Fitbit do not sync and the FitBit only captured 17.6 of 117.61 miles traveled. So much for tech working.

  • Used my Fitbit Blaze for the first time to ride yesterday – worked seamlessly.

    Today I used my Blaze to do another ride – didn't work at all for Strava.

    What happened? Let me tell you...

    The first ride I originally had Strava linked with MyFitnessPal. I also had my Fitbit account sync'd with MyFitnessPal.

    During the first ride, I noticed Fitbit recorded my ride, and MyFitnessPal had also duplicated the ride. Because of this, I wanted to no longer use MFP since I'm started to have too many fitness accounts (I also have Garmin Connect.)

    Since I removed the connection between Strava and Fitbit to MyFitnessPal, I'm guessing something wonky happened.

    I'm not sure if MFP wrote the ride to Strava, or if Fitbit actually wrote it. I'll find out tomorrow testing this out again, unless I feel like testing it tonight for a few minutes.

    What I have learned, is once they're sync'd, it won't log any past events. Only new ones being recorded. I did also learn, if it was buggy, revoke all access from Strava and Fitbit, then try to reinstall/reconnect them.

    Not sure if it'll work, I'll post if it does. Either way, it's a pain in the ass for having paid $200 for a fitness tracker.

  • shame there isn't some way of manually syncing strava activities - as a fall back, I have a fitbit zip, which I don't take with me when cycling, but obviously record my activity on my phone on strava. The last three rides have been added to fitbit, usually once I've gone into both apps and viewed a few pages, last nights still hasn't been added despite trying numerous ways of getting them to sync. If only there was something visible like a sync with strava option ?

  • Não estou conseguindo sincronizar o Strava com o FitBIt Surge, alguém tem uma solução?

  • Think I've finally worked it out!

    I now just simply use my Fitbit blaze: exercise then run or bike. I take my phone with me to use the GPS.
    Then when I'm finished I hit the checkered flag icon and open the Fitbit app. Once synced it appears in the app and I then get a notification flash up from Strava that my run/bike is ready! Open Strava and my exercise is there also.

    Works well with running although there is some discrepancies in distances which I don't understand if they are using the same GPS.
    The cycle I did changed from cycle to run and I lost a section but my blaze may have got caught on my sleeve so I'll need to test this again.

    Hope this helps people

  • I've been using FitBit Surge to track my runs and rides, and it always syncs perfectly with Strava when I get back home. But today it didn't. There's nothing I can do to get Strava to recognise the cycle ride I did this morning.
    What could be the reason for this?

  • I have the same issue too to get Strava to recognize my run this morning. I use FitBit Surge.

  • I've got a blaze that has worked fine worst Strava up until yesterday morning when it appears to have stopped syncing. I manually transferred my data online (exporting the workout as a .tmx file then uploading that to Strava). My evening ride yesterday sync'ed fine but this morning no sync again. Not sure what to do

  • Same problem here as Edward. I did a 21 mile ride on Wednesday and it synced perfectly, but today... NOTHING. I've unlinked fitbit and linked it back up and still NOTHING. Please advise. Thanks!

  • Mine has stopped as well. It delayed yesterday and then hasn't linked at all today. Luckilyi have a Garmin on my commuting bike, and Bryton Sport on my carbon.

  • Same issues here. I have a surge and fitbit sync to strava. Up until yesterday it worked flawlessly. But after my ride yesterday it took a few hours for my ride to appear on strava. Same again today, still waiting for my ride to appear in strava and I finished it 2 hours ago. Maybe it's an issue with the new update to the fitbit app that downloaded yesterday I believe?

  • My Strava hasn't synced with my surge for 2 days. I have 2 walks & 2 bike rides that just aren't appearing.

  • Sorry folks, looks like there was a temporary interruption in Fitbit sync on August 4th. Should be all good now!

  • I seem to have the opposite problem to most of you. My Fitbit Blaze is linked to Strava fine but after most (not all) rides I seem to end up with two almost duplicate rides showing in my Strava log and I have keep going in and deleting one of them. It is getting really frustrating. I am assume that Strava and Fitbit are both uploading separate routes rather than one route.....Anyone have any idea how to resolve this?

    I got the fitbit Blaze so I could compare my heart rate to my route but this is getting a bit annoying now.

  • Why isn't the HR info from my Fitbit Blaze being recorded in my Strava events. I've got them both on at the same time and Fitbit see the events recorded by Strava, but Strava remains ignorant of my HR which means I get no "suffer score" and the HR isn't well represented against the specific segments of my ride.

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