Flagging a false or incorrect Segment time

Segment Leaderboards are often a highly visible area where bad data or improper data can be surfaced on Strava. For example, top spots on the Leaderboard can be taken by Strava users who accidentally leave their GPS on while driving in a car, or their GPS has errors leading to false segment times, or Strava incorrectly matches a complex segment. Perhaps you've received a "Look out! Joe just took your KOM or CR" notification, and you are sure that the data is improper or incorrect or clearly motor-assisted. Users are ultimately responsible for their own data, and Strava provides tools to edit your data and resolve a flag. Once an activity is flagged, instructions on how to resolve the flag or seek further help from Strava Support are shown to the activity owner.  Note that the Activity Flag is separate from the Hazardous Segment Flag.

  • When you find data that should not be on the segment leaderboard, go to the Strava website and click through to the Strava Activity page from the result on the Segment Leaderboard. There you will see a Flag Ride/Run option under the Wrench menu.
  • This will automatically remove all segment times and results from the Segment Leaderboards for this activity. The activity remains on the site, and the segments remain on the Activity page with achievements, but all the segment results are removed from the Segments matched by that activity.
  • When you reach the Flag page, please select the correct reason for the flag and leave comments as appropriate.
  • Once the activity is flagged, a yellow bar will appear at the top of the activity page signifying that the activity has been flagged.

Appropriate use of the activity flag:

  • If the activity appears to have data that was done by a motorized vehicle, or partially done by a motorized vehicle, select the first option. 
  • For activities that appear to be listed as the wrong activity type, like a ride that is accidentally categorized as a run, select the second option. 
  • If there is bad GPS data that causes inaccurate mileage or segment times, select "Bad GPS data". For specific segment errors, it is helpful if you include which segments are affected in the Comments section. 
  • For other issues that are not listed here, select "Other" and a comment is required. 


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