Share Activities to Facebook

Connect your Strava and Facebook accounts to share your route map, show you key activity stats, and tag friends in your posts.

From your Dashboard and the Activity Feed

From your dashboard and the activity feed, you can also select to share one of your activities on Facebook by clicking on the Share menu.

  1. From the website, select the down arrow in the upper right to reveal the option to share on Facebook.
  2. From the mobile app, look for the share icon on the right-hand side of the tray just below the activity.

From the activity page

When you click on an activity to view the activity details page, you can also click the Facebook icon to share. 

  1. From the website, select the Facebook icon to open the "Share on Facebook" pop-up.
  2. From the mobile app, look for the share icon. The icon is located below the map on the iOS app and in the upper-right corner of the Android app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the map missing from my activity post on Facebook? 

With activities shared from the Strava website, there are limitations within the new Facebook integration, and some aspects of the information shared on Facebook are up to Facebook's discretion. The maps are a good example - Facebook will decide whether to show the map, a chart, or just the key stats on your Timeline according to its algorithm for Open Graph.

Why are my PRs and Achievements missing from the Facebook share? 

With activities shared from the Strava website, there are some limitations with Facebook's new Open Graph integration, which affects the amount and type of information that can be displayed in the post. PRs and Achievements cannot be displayed at this time, but we're investigating whether this might be possible in the future by working with Facebook.

Will activities shared via the mobile app get added to my Facebook Fitness section? 

No, activities shared through the mobile app do not use Open Graph sharing and consequently won't be included in the Fitness section on your Facebook page.

When I share an activity on Facebook, where will it appear in my friend's News Feed?

Facebook has two options for sorting the News Feed. If sorted by "Most Recent," the new activity post will appear at the top of the list (it will sort by the time the post was created). If sorted by "Top Stories," Facebook will order the posts based on an algorithm for what is considered the most interesting or popular. If you check your FB profile page/timeline, the Strava post may appear incorrectly listed by the time of the activity (meaning it will appear farther "down" your Timeline). Still, your post will appear correctly at the top of your Friends' Feeds in our testing, provided they have their Feeds sorted by "Most Recent." 

Are you having problems sharing your activities on Facebook? 

Here is some more information on troubleshooting problems with Facebook sharing.


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