All-Time PRs

All-time Personal Records (PRs) represent a runner's fastest time ever run for benchmark distances

How it Works

PRs are manually entered and will appear on your profile page under My Stats. PRs can be linked-to official race results and Strava activities, shown in blue on your profile. Clicking on those times will allow you to visit the official race results page or Strava activity page.
Whether the PR is from a track, road, or trail race, the PR is often verified by a known time over the race distance. We know that PRs matter down to the second, and we know that GPS data isn't quite as accurate as a time over a verified racecourse.

All-time Personal Records vs. Estimated Best Efforts

All-time Personal Records are a runner's fastest time ever run over a distance in an official race or over a verified, known distance. Estimated Best Efforts are training level insight into GPS-based activities.  

Adding an All-Time PR

From your profile page, select Add PR (highlighted below.) From the PR creation window, select the distance, add your time, and, if possible, apply the links to the activity on Strava or your official race results.

Strava_Runner_Profile___Strava_Suzie__2_.png Strava_Cyclist_Profile___Strava_S_.png

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