Photo Integration with Instagram

You can link your Strava and Instagram accounts so that when you upload an activity, we look for photos uploaded to Instagram in the activity's time window and post them.

How to connect your accounts:

On the Web:
  • To get started, go to the Settings page of your Strava account
  • On the right in the “Social Connections” section click “Connect with Instagram” and follow the instructions (more details can be found here).
Any pictures you have already uploaded to Instagram from previous rides will populate in your activity feed as well as activity pages and on your profile! 
On your iPhone:
  • Select 'More' from the far right of the bottom toolbar to find the 'Settings' menu
  • Select 'Applications, Services, and Devices' (1) and click on the plus sign icon next to the 'Instagram' option (2)
  • When you select 'Connect' (3) on the next screen you will be prompted to sign into your Instagram account

IMG_8877.png IMG_8878.png 

On your Android:

  • Select 'More' from the upper right to access to find the 'Settings' menu
  • Select 'Link Other Services' (1) and check the box next to 'Instagram' (2)
  • When you click 'Connect' (3) on the next screen you will be prompted to sign into your Instagram account




How it Works:
When you upload your activity, we look for photos in the activity's time window and they'll appear in the Activity Feed, and on Activity and Profile pages. You can document your prep, your run or ride, and your relaxing coffee while comparing Suffer Scores seamlessly. 



Frequently Asked Questions:

What about my privacy on Strava?

Instagram integration has been built into our enhanced privacy settings. So if you have enhanced privacy turned on, only the athletes you've approved to follow you will be able to see your photos.

What if my photos don't show up?

There are a couple of reasons your photos might not appear associated with an activity.

The first is that the upload time was outside of the window. Remember, we look 30 minutes before an activity, during it, and then 45 minutes after. So it's best to take photos and upload them to Instagram right away so you don't miss out! Keep in mind that this reflects the time that the photo was uploaded to Instagram - not the time that it was actually captured.

The second is a glitch in communication between Strava and the Instagram API. If you're not seeing photos appear, go to the activity page on which you expect to see your photos and after clicking the 'wrench' button, you'll see a 'Sync Instagram' button. Click that and we'll try to manually pull the photos. If this still doesn't work, disconnect Instagram from your Strava settings page, then reconnect. It may take a few moments for your photos to re-sync. 

The third is that your Instagram account may be set to Private, which prevents Strava from syncing your photos (see below).


What if I want to remove a photo from Strava?

Just click on the photo to view it in lightbox mode, and at the bottom right of the photo, you'll see a link labled 'Unlink from Strava'. The photo will be removed from Strava, but remain on Instagram.


My Account on Instagram is private, how do I get my photos to appear on Strava? 

If you've got a private Instagram account, you have two options: you can switch off the Private account setting or you can share select photos. When taking and posting a photo to Instagram, just choose a network to share the photo to (Facebook or Twitter, for example). If you don't want to share your photos publicly, you can share them to Facebook and select the 'Only Me' privacy level. The first time you share to Facebook from Instagram, you will be asked what level of privacy you want. If you do not want anyone to see the photo on Facebook, you can select 'Only Me'. This level of privacy will stick for future shares. Photos that are shared are then available with a public URL and can be seen by Strava. 

If you're going back in your Instagram photo history and find an older photo you want to make available, click the photo options (ellipsis) button on Instagram and then click "Share Photo." Then select a social network on which to share your photo. If the photo was uploaded within a time window for an activity, then it will appear on Strava. You may have to perform the "Sync Photos" function shown above for older activities to get the photos to appear. 

What if I lose my GPS signal when recording with the Strava app while taking a photo with the Instagram app?

Every mobile device has some limit or max capacity for memory. This means there is a limit to how many things the phone can do at the same time. Instagram can be a very 'memory intensive' app especially when used at the same time as other apps. It's always good practice to close apps that you are not currently using to free up the most memory when using Strava and Instagram. When the device starts to near its limit on internal memory, the device's operating system shuts down non-essential background activity such as the GPS signal

This shouldn't cause Strava to force close, and if it does please reach out to us through a direct support request. What can happen (and it doesn't always happen) is that the GPS signal is temporarily shut down when the phone runs out of internal memory. However, you can reactivate the GPS signal after taking an instagram photo by simply going back to the Strava recording screen and verifying the GPS status. This will trigger the GPS to turn back on.


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