Photo Integration with Instagram

You can link your Instagram account to Strava so that any photos uploaded to Instagram during the activity (or shortly before or after) will appear on Strava.

After linking Instagram to Strava, any photos you have already uploaded to Instagram that match previous activities will also sync. Photos from Instagram will be linked to the activity page and will also display on the feed and in your profile. 

  • To connect Instagram to Strava the website, go to the Settings page of your Strava account. On the right in the “Social Connections” section click “Connect with Instagram” and follow the instructions (more details can be found here).
  • To connect Instagram to Strava on your iPhone, select 'More' from the far right of the bottom toolbar to find the 'Settings' menu. Select 'Applications, Services, and Devices' and click on the plus sign icon next to the 'Instagram' option. When you select 'Connect' on the next screen you will be prompted to sign into your Instagram account. 
  • To connect Instagram to Strava on your Android, select 'More' from the upper right to access to find the 'Settings' menu. Select 'Link Other Services' and check the box next to 'Instagram'. When you click 'Connect' on the next screen you will be prompted to sign into your Instagram account.

What if my Instagram photos don't show up on Strava? 

If the photo is posted on Instagram outside of the timeframe of your activity, it won't be able to sync. Strava checks for photos 30 minutes before an activity, during, and 45 minutes after. Also, your photos cannot sync to Strava if your Instagram account is set to private. If you're not seeing your public photos appear from within the correct timeframe, go to the activity page where you expect to see your photos. Click the 'wrench' icon, and then select 'Sync Instagram' button. If this still doesn't work, disconnect Instagram from your Strava settings page, then reconnect. It may take a few moments for your photos to re-sync. 

What if I want to remove an Instagram photo from Strava? 

Just click on the photo to view it in lightbox mode, and at the bottom right of the photo, you'll see a link labeled 'Unlink from Strava'. The photo will be removed from Strava, but remain on Instagram.

If my Account on Instagram is private, how do I get my photos to appear on Strava? 

If you've got a private Instagram account, you can make your Instagram account public or you can share select photos. When taking and posting a photo to Instagram, you can make a select photo public by choosing a network to share the photo to (Facebook or Twitter, for example). If you don't want to share your photos publicly, you can select the 'Only Me' privacy level when sharing to Facebook. Photos that are shared become public, even if your Instagram account is still private, and they are available to sync to Strava. 

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