Share your activities with a Strava Widget


You can share your recent Strava activity or a Club's recent activity on a website or blog by using the Strava Widget. 

  1. Start by going to your Profile page or your Club's page.
    • On your Profile page, click 'Share your Rides' or 'Share your Runs' in the right side column.
    • For Clubs, click 'Share Club Activities' at the right side of the page.
  2. In the widget options window, copy the text in the box corresponding to the type of widget you want to create: A list of your recent rides/runs, or a summary of your last week of riding/running.
  3. Paste the embed code into your personal blog to share your rides or runs.    


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  • I think this is a follow-up to Maratón Dia's post above. I'm a website developer. I'm looking to embed a club page summary into my client's website. Is that possible?

  • I have embedded the "recent activity" widget successfully to by blog, but it is showing posts that are over a year old... anyone know how to get it to show the most recent activity?

  • Hello Strava Support team. I am the admin of a corporate group where we have runners, swimmers and ryders. How is it please possible to display three different widgets? (have widgets who count the total sessions per activity). This lack of capability slows down the adoption process of Strava by my company. I am pushing hard but the guys already registered mention these limitations to the non (yet) Strava users. Thank you to provide a solution. I suppose it's just a matter of changes in the code of the widget.

  • Strava Support, has there been any progress on a pure html embed code, it seems to be a popular request.

  • Hi, I'm not a blogger, but I've just been experimenting with Strava's new blog feature that's appeared in the last few days, and so I thought I'd have a go at embedding a widget onto my blog, all that happens is that the text is pasted in and sits there as text. This seems surreal since it's Strava's own blog, surely it should work first time. Any tips?

  • Any update on this Strava? I'd love to be able to embed this widget but unfortunately I need the html code

  • Cameron, judging by the radio silence so far I don't think Strava is monitoring this thread :-)

  • Embarrassing that in this day and age the widgets aren't responsive. Even on a PC I get the right-hand end of the stats for my club's "this week" widget cut off, so you can't see the altitude climbed. Come on Strava, it wouldn't be hard to make this responsive. Please?

  • I want to use the sharing your strava widgets on my website
    I integrated them successfully, but for some days ago this week there is no more function: the regarding strava-block is empty. What is the problem? The same is on the sidebar on posts sites.

  • the widget stopped working due too:

    Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.

  • All widgets set X-Frame-Options to sameorigin, so basically I can't embed them.

  • Die integrierte Strava-Funktion latest-rides funktioniert im Wordpress-Widget nicht mehr.


    Dieser Inhalt kann nicht in einem Frame angezeigt werden.
    Um die Informationen zu schützen, die Sie auf dieser Website eingeben, hat der Herausgeber dieser Inhalte das Anzeigen der Inhalte in einem Frame untersagt. Das ist sehr schlecht!

    The integrated Strava feature latest-rides does not work anymore in the Wordpress widget.

    error message:
    This content can not be displayed in a frame.
    To protect the information you enter on this site, the publisher of that content has prohibited the content from being displayed in a frame. This is very bad!


    Update: thanks Strava, all working again

  • Anyone else having problems with the iframe today? Am currently getting this message "This content cannot be displayed in a frame. To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame."

    Was working last week. The iframe is embededd on a SharePoint Online page and no settings have changed our side so think it must be a Strava issue.

    Update: thanks Strava, all working again

  • We are aware that our Strava Widgets feature is broken. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve the issue.

  • Hi Ellie - is there an ETA for a fix?

  • embed all WORKS - Thank You Devs!
    embed single activity STILL SAME ERROR

  • > All widgets set X-Frame-Options to sameorigin, so basically I can't embed them.

    me too.

  • 07.03.2018
    Update: thanks Strava, all working again

  • hi, is it possible to embed other users activity feeds or activities? seems i can only embed my own. trying to make a unique page for each of my teammates with their own activity feeds.

  • when I paste the activity code to embed on wordpress I get a link in text and not the widget displayed. Am I doing something wrong?

  • I am trying to embed the summary widget onto Wordpress but its doesn't seem to be working, are you still having problems?

  • I am also trying to embed the widget onto my Wordpress site but it still doesn't seem to be working. Presumably you are still having problems???

  • Hi everyone,

    I have finally sorted the Strava Wordpress plugin on my website!

    I used this plugin

    I had to remove "" and add "]"

    It turns out Wordpress doesn't like iframes.

  • Hi Ryan,

    Well done, but I don't quite follow what you had to adjust? Were you able to explain by a worked example?


  • I figured out hw he did it. First you have to install the iframe plugin. If you're using as your software, it's pretty easy. Go to the Dashboard, click on Plugins, select Add and search for iframes. Once you have installed it you will have to go into your list of installed plugins and activate it.

    Next you take the iframe code that is provided by strava, which looks like this in my case

    and change it to look like this

    [iframe src=""]

    Note: There are two important changes here. The first is to replace the '>' and '

  • Okay, that post didn't work entirely. Lets see if we can try it again.

    You are going to replace the iframe code provided by strava which looks like this
    iframe src=""] to what is pasted above [iframe src=""]

    Note there are too important changes, the first is to replace the greater and less than signs that wrap the iframe code with square brackets, specifically \[ and\] (note: if a single slash appears in front of the square brackets, it's because I'm trying to escape code them because I think the comment section may be interpreting them as an html element or something.

    Next you need to replace the single quotes that exist in their example, e.g. the \' with \".

    If you can't figure it out, you can contact me at my blog at Sorry, that's the best way I can provide my link w/o worrying about getting a lot of spam from posting my personal email address.

    Good luck!

  • Secondly, the iframe example works just fine in wordpress but you have to create a widget for it. To do that go to Appearance > Widgets. There you can select 'Custom HTML'. In that box, paste the iframe code exactly as provided. That should add it to your widget display box, but you'll have to drag it up to the top of the list of widgets you're using if you want it to appear at the top. You may also need to activate widgets on your site if you're not already using them.

  • Hi Brad, any tips on how to make this work with Strava's own blog area? I've tried, but no success. So this is the area called "Posts" under one's Strava profile.

  • This does not work, because Worpress doesn't allow iframe anymore, due to security issues.

    Why don't you just support the [embed] feature in stead? Like this:

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