Jawbone UP integration with Strava

Strava now integrates with Jawbone's UP activity tracker to provide even more insight into your training and fitness.

Strava can integrate with the Jawbone UP API, allowing athletes to post Strava activity data to UP. All Strava activities will be posted to the athlete's UP account - Rides, Runs, and Walks will be labeled as such while any other activity types will show up as "Generic."

Data sent to Jawbone includes calories, activity start date/time, activity end date/time, and a static map of the athlete's activity (respecting your privacy zones).  This data will automatically be pushed by Strava to Jawbone after each activity upload.

A Jawbone UP user can link their account with Strava through either the third party App Gallery within their UP mobile app or by authorizing UP from Settings on Strava.com

To authorize your UP from within your Strava settings, just hover your mouse over your name at the top-right corner of any Strava page and click Settings from the drop-down menu - or go straight to https://www.strava.com/settings/profile.  At the lower-right corner of that page, click 'Connect with Jawbone Up.'  Then, enter your UP username and password, and click to allow the connection.

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After that, your Strava activities will automatically be sent to your UP account.



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