How to analyze your Segment results

My Results

On the Strava website, we've re-designed the segment detail view to put efforts and leaderboard rankings front-and-center.

Your Recent Efforts Graph

  • Your Efforts are plotted on a graph— the X axis (E) represents the date of an effort and the Y axis (D) represents an effort's time 
  • Click on a dot to see your effort on that date (A) 
  • Your PR will be represented as a filled in dot (B)
  • Your PR Time will be represented as a dashed gold line (C)




See all your efforts on a leaderboard

  • Use the "My Results" filter (F) to surface all your segment efforts on the leaderboard. 
  • To apply additional filters to your efforts, use the drop down menu on the top right (G) to filter by all-time, today, this week, or this month. 



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