Running Races

Join one of Strava's Running Races and participate in race discussions, set a race goal, see course info, view other athlete's training, and compare your efforts on a race leaderboard. Once you upload your Race file, it will automatically be detected as the race you joined. You will then be able to confirm that this is your race activity and enter your official race time.  



  • Set a goal and find other athletes to follow.
  • Discuss race strategy, travel plans, and workouts.
  • Check out the weekly training of similar athletes and find new places to run.
  • Link your activity to the Race and confirm your official time.


Find and Join a Race


Find a Race

  • Tap the "Explore" Tab on the Strava navigation bar.
  • Tap "Running Races."
  • Browse the page to find your race.
  • If you can't find your race, please submit the race with this form.




Join a Race

  • From the Running Races page (above), click the race you want to join.
  • If the Race is in the future, you will be able to join by tapping the orange "I'm In" button (below).





View and Filter the Weekly Training Feed

This feature allows you to sort and compare your weekly training against athletes with similar goals

  • To compare your training to other racers, navigate to the "Week by Week Training" tab (shown below in orange). Use the drop down menus to filter the activities you want to see.
    • Filter activities anywhere from 1 to 12 weeks before the event.
    • Filter activities from athletes with specified time goals.
    • Filter activities tagged as workouts or long runs.
  • See a visual breakdown of athletes by race goals (lower right).




Participate in the Race Discussion

Engage with other athletes and discuss race plans, training, and give support. Access the race discussion by tapping the "Race Discussion" tab (shown below in orange).





View the course info

Access the course info by tapping the "Course Info" button (shown below in orange) or by scrolling down the page. 




Link your Race Effort to the Strava Race page

When you upload your race file, Strava will detect that activity as the race and will ask you to confirm and enter your official time. Once you've confirmed, you will see your Race results below your activity overview (Image 1 below). At this point, your race time will also be listed on the Race page leaderboard and overview (Image 2 below).








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