Goals on Strava

Strava subscribers can set weekly, monthly, annual, segment, and power goals on Strava.

  • Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Goals
  • Segment Goals
  • Power Goals

Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Goals

You can set goals for all sports types from the Strava mobile app. From the Strava website, you can set and view distance goals for running, riding, and swimming. Manually uploaded activities, as well as activities marked as stationary, will also count towards your goals. Virtual ride and run activities will count towards the ride and run goals respectively.

  • On the web, you can manage your goals from the panel on the left-hand side of your feed. Toggle between the icons at the top of the panel to choose an activity type and select the pencil icon to edit the fields.
  • On the mobile app, select You > Progress and select Add Goal from the Goals module.
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  • Choose the time frame and choose the metric. Submit a value and save. Be aware that all activities within the specified time limit will count towards your goal, including those uploaded before the goal was set.

Segment Goals

Segment goals can only be created from the Strava website for cycling and running segments. Set a goal on your favorite segment from either the segment explore page, a ride activity page where you matched to the segment, or from the segment details page. Goals cannot be set on segments that have an average percent grade that is less than -0.25%.

  • From the segment explore page or ride activity page, click the name of the segment to expand it and select Set Goal. From the run activity page, select View Overall Leaderboard > Set Goal (on the next page).
  • Enter your target time, choose a deadline, and select Create segment goal.
  • When you achieve your goal, an entry will appear in your feed. 




Power Goals

Power goals can only be created from the Strava website. Set power goals for popular time intervals such as 5 seconds, 1 minute, and 10 minutes. Power Goals can only be accomplished by using a power meter. Estimated power does not apply.

  • From the Strava website, select Dashboard > My Goals to see your current goals and create new ones.
  • Select Set a Goal > Power Goal.
  • Enter your target watts, choose your time interval, and set a deadline. Click Create power goal to save. 

Goals Privacy

Performance (segment/power) goals are public. Non-followers can see these goals when viewing your profile page. Progress (weekly/monthly/annual) goals are private.


Why is the goal I created on the mobile not showing up on the website?

At this time, only ride, run, and swim goals for select time frames and metrics are supported on the Strava website. This means that any goal set for a different sport time, monthly goals, or elevation goals cannot be viewed on the Strava website.

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