Social Connections to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

You can connect your Strava account with one or more external accounts including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You will be able to easily share your activities on Facebook and Twitter, Share your Instagram photos to Strava, and also to login to using your Facebook or Twitter account.


Link Your Account:

  1. Login to, then go to your Settings on the drop-down menu under your name in the top right, (next to "Upload Activity").
  2. To the right of your Settings page, you'll see a box labeled "Social Connections." 
  3. When you click "Connect with Facebook/Instagram/etc." you will be asked to authorize Strava to use the specific social account. Click to allow access and you're done!



Posting Pictures from Instagram: 

When you upload your activity, we look for photos uploaded to Instagram in the activity's time window and they'll appear in the Activity Feed, as well as on Activity and Profile pages.  For more details and frequently asked questions around Instagram integration, go here


Sharing a Ride or Run:

You can share your own activities either from the feed or from the individual activity page.

  • From the Feed page, simply click the "Share" button and then pick the way you want to share from the popup menu (Facebook, Twitter, etc…). Note that you can also send the ride to a friend by email or by embedding it on your blog from the Share menu.
  • From the Activity page you have quick access to Facebook and Twitter sharing by clicking the icons below the basic information for the activity. By clicking the "More" button you'll be able to email your activity to share it. 
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  • Hello

    I'm having a problem accessing my profile on strava. I always did the login through facebook. But in trying to re-access my facebook profile generated a new profile in strava. And I'm no longer able to access the old profile. Need help. My old profile is "Ziguer PF Team". Must rescue a way to access it. Await guidelines. Thank you.

    Evandro Inácio Ziguer - Brasil.

  • Hi Evandro,

    Please contact our Support Team directly. They can help you one on one troubleshoot and reset a password for you for the email address associated with your account if necessary. Here's the link:

  • I've looked carefully at this and can't seem to find a way to link my twitter account. Have I missed somehting? Other social media tends to work ok. Also, Can I link my twitter account to automatically post my runs to twitter? Cheers

  • As per Nigel's request, I can't find how to link my twitter account.

  • whats happen to twitter? Strava don't you like twitter anymore?

  • Says its posting my activities to my linked facebook account, but it certainly isnt. Bad app so far.

  • My facebook upload is going to other facebook account that i manage, and i want it on my personal account. How do i change it? I am loading it from my iphone 6. Please help, is getting on my nerves.

  • I want to permanently stop uploads to Facebook fro every ride how do I do this

  • I don't have a Connection to Twitter available...

  • I'm having a problem accessing my profile on strava. I always did the login through facebook. But in trying to re-access my facebook profile generated a new profile in strava. And I'm no longer able to access the old profile. Need help. I am a Premium menber

  • Nicolas - it looks like one of our support reps is already assisting you via a ticket.

  • when i click on the iphone share, the instagrm icon is not showing up. Facebook and Twitter are shown but not instagram. I have disconnected the Instagram and reconnected but it's still not showing up.

  • I've gone to settings and diassociated my Facebook account. Fone the tick and remove connected social account. App continues to upload to Facebook. Once uploaded the activity doesn't even appear on my Strava account, only that I did activity... "_" minutes ago. How do i permanently stop Strava uploading.

  • I am still waiting for help after two days of no more Facebool sharing on my Strava account..I am now using the Sharing function from the Garmin connect site instead as it still works! Too Bad I have used Strava since 2013 but no more as it doesn't work anymore....BTW I have tried all the pre canned so called "Fixes" and they do NOT work. so don't bother advising me to shut off and turn on the social connection. I even went so far as to remove the App from Facebook and reinstall it...still no joy and that includes accessing the site from a smart phone and two different browsers!

  • hi there,
    since a week ago, the function to share my runs on facebook has completely stopped working. I tried multiple times to reset my link with facebook. I even went so far to go into my facebook app settings to remove the strava app and then reconnect again - without any success. I can't search for friends in the share popup and after hitting the "share" the popup closes and no post is showing up on my facebook profile.

  • well I am glad to hear this is not an uncommon issue! in the meanwhile, I did try different browsers - without success. seems something in the Facebook-API is not working properly. this can only be resolved by the Strava devs.

  • It looks like if you don't have the facebook app the sharing from iPhone stopped as well.. it used to work. Any ideas? Sharing from to FB works.

  • December 2016, still no way to link to Twitter.

    Strava "features" are so full of holes you have to wonder what else they are doing with their time and seed money.

  • Hi Crazie Diaz, can you clarify the issue? There may not be a way to connect Strava to Twitter, but you can still very easily share an activity to Twitter. This has to be done on a case-by-case basis - we have not automatic share to Twitter option.

  • As of about 10 days ago, when I share my activity to Facebook from the mobile app, it no longer shows the map or my activity photo - only the link. I've checked all of my settings, have uninstalled and reinstalled both Facebook and Strava and still nothing. Any ideas as to what the problem is and how I can correct it?

  • Thanks Wayne, it's a known issue. You can follow the topic here

  • I've never owned a cell phone never had a contract now I need something to upload photos to Strava ain't that a b****
    I just bought the premium package today and found out that I can't upload photos cuz I don't have a cell phone.
    Can you guys talk among yourselves and see if there's a work around that I can use

  • Hello, a few weeks ago the Strava stopped displaying maps in shared Bicycle rides and Runs in all Facebook Posts submitted with the Strava app. These post now displays only information about distance, time, etc..but without the preview of the map so these posts look not good on the timeline. I would like to ask how to approve displaying maps in the Facebook posts again? Thanks for any reply or advice.

  • Hi Jirka, You can follow this post.

  • Hi,

    I'm getting really annoyed with all this right now.
    A few weeks ago, I found out I could share to a Facebook Page rather than my standard profile; so I created a page to share my activities in order not to pollute my personal timeline. All worked fine sharing to the page from the mobile app, then something changed and all I can do now is post to my timeline.

    What has changed? Why has it changed? Can we get it back?

    I can't even share to my facebook page from the standard website.

  • Hi Nicholas, I don't recall Strava ever being able to share to a Facebook Page vs a personal account. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Same problem as at least one other participant: I cannot link to my Instagram account and consequently cannot load photos associated with my rides. I've made Instagram public and followed all other advice I can find here. Instagram does not appear in the connected social apps on my settings page.

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