Change Personal Settings/Preferences

We want Strava to be as customizable as possible. We offer a vast range of preferences and settings to make your profile your own

In order to get to your Settings, do the following:

  1. Log in to Strava
  2. Hover over your name on the top right of the window
  3. Click on "Settings" from the drop down menu
Profile_Settings.png        Profile_Settings_Menu.png
Here, you are shown a vast range of preferences and settings.

Basic Account and Social Settings:

  • My Account - On the right-hand side of this page you can update your email address and password, as well as access your Subscription Status by going to "View Account Info" or "Upgrade to Premium". 
  • Social Connections - Below 'My Account' you can see the status of your linked accounts to either Facebook or Twitter

'My Profile'

  • Name - All Strava users will be able to see your first name. You can choose to anonymize your last name to only display the first letter of your last name in the Privacy tab.
  • Birthday - Unlikely to change, but in case we missed it the first time, add it here.  We use this information to help compare you to other Strava athletes as well as make estimates on how hard your heart is beating.
  • Gender - Telling us your gender helps make our leaderboards more dynamic and interesting.  Help us out by adding it.
  • Location - This helps other users to know where you ride the most.  Don't worry, you can still keep your home hidden in the Privacy tab.
  • Weight - Don't worry, we keep this one a secret.  We use this information to help us make power output calculations (if you don't own a power meter) and for filtering the leaderboard by weight (a Premium feature).
  • Vanity URL - here you can custom select a vanity URL to your Profile page that you can share with your friends, post to websites, or just remember for easy navigating to your Profile page. 
  • Profile Bio - Here you can write a little blurb about your accomplishments or just tell Strava a little bit about yourself.  This will appear in your profile under your photo.

'My Performance' (Premium only)

  • Max Heart Rate - By default, we determine your heart rate zones by estimating your max heart rate based on your age. While this works for a large number of athletes, it may not work for you. For those athletes who know their specific heart rate zones we allow you to customize them to fit your specific physiology.
  • Customized Heart Rate Zones - Choose the exact breakdown of your HR zones
  • Your Best Running Race Time - Strava uses your maximum race speed to calculate pace zones and an intensity rating. In order to be most accurate, the race time you provide here describes what you are capable of running at maximal effort.

'Display Preferences'

  • Units & Measurements - Here you can designate "miles and pounds" or "kilometers and kilograms".
  • Default Sport - Here you can choose which activity type you would like Strava to default to when you upload a file from the web site. If you're primarily a runner for example, choose "Running" and all files you upload to the website will be runs by default. Of course you can change the activity type to something else at any time after upload.
  • Default Leaderboard View - Here you can customize how you want the leaderboard to display by default with basic filters like by Gender, by only those you're following, or by Club. 


For privacy options, go here.

'Email Notifications'

  • Social Emails - Control which emails you receive in your inbox around comments and kudos on your activities, when someone follows you, or when a friend of yours on Facebook joins Strava. 
  • Club Emails - If you're part of a club, choose to turn on or off notifications when someone in your club posts to the discussion board.
  • Segment Emails - Choose to turn on or off notifications when someone takes your KOM/QOM/CR.
  • Daily Activity Digest - Want to receive a daily email summarizing all the recent activity of those you're following? If so, turn this on. If you prefer to simply visit your Dashboard for all Activity updates, turn this off. 
  • Email Newsletter - opt in or opt out of receiving monthly newsletters from Strava. 

'My Gear'

For Gear settings, go here

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