Emailing Android Device Logs to Support

If you're experiencing repeated crashes or failures, there are some primary steps that might help:

  • Signing out and back into the Strava app.
  • Turning your phone off and on again.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the Strava app.

If you continue to experience crashes after trying all of these, it may be helpful to try to record a device log from your phone which captures the event.

  • Android 4.1 To Current: Collecting a bug report is performed through the built-in Android OS tools.
    • Go into your System Settings -> Developer options
      • Developer settings are not enabled by default. To enable them, go to settings> about phone >tap build number 7 times. 
    • Turn on the option for "Power menu bug reports."
    • Open up Strava and cause a crash
    • After the error happens, hold down the power button for a few seconds.
    • The Bug Report option should appear, select that option.
    • A popup will display asking you to tap Report or Cancel. Please tap Report.
    • After you tap report it will take a few minutes but then a screenshot will be taken and your email will automatically open with the bug report and the screenshot automatically attached. Please email the log to so we can isolate the issue for you.
  • Android 4.0: There are apps to help make this process relatively painless. We like a free App called “CatLog - Logcat Reader,” but there are many others out there that accomplish the same thing.
    • Download CatLog from the Google Play Store (previously known as the Android Marketplace).
    • Start CatLog.
    • Press the Menu button, then “Record,” any filename will do.
    • Go to the Strava App and replicate the problem.
    • Go back to CatLog and press the Menu button, then "Stop Recording".
    • Press the Menu button, then “Send” and choose "As Attachment".
    • Pick an email app from the display and address the email to If your Strava email account is different than the one you are sending from, please include it in the body of the email as well.


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