Supported Android devices and Android operating systems

Android OS supported versions:

Strava can be installed on Android operating systems 5.0 or above (CyanogenMod or other nonstandard Android OS versions are not supported). However, there are some Android devices with known GPS or system issues that prevent Strava from recording GPS properly. Symptoms include crashing during recording and failure to acquire a GPS signal. See How to fix recording issues on Huawei phones for more info. Additionally, the following phones are not supported by the Strava mobile app:

  • Wiko Rainbow
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Express 2

The following phones are known to experience issues where the OS cuts off the Strava app while recording activities and, in some cases, force-closes it:

  • Huawei Nova and Nova+
  • Huawei P8 and P8 Lite
  • Huawei G7 and G7 Plus
  • Huawei Mate 7, Mate S, Mate 8, and Mate 9
  • Huawei Honor 4C, Honor 6, Honor 6 Plus, and Honor 7
  • Huawei P9, P9 Plus, and P9 Lite
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  • Hi,
    I have recently purchased a P9 Lite (Android 6.0 + EMUI 4.1.1) and I immediately installed Strava 5.5.0.
    Even if i put Strava on protected apps, disable battery saving and enable the execution of the app when the disaply is off, I experienced long period of no gps signal on my activities. The problem is definitely with Strava and not with the GPS bacause i tracked the same activities with both Strava and SportyPal on the same device and the long holes in gps signal are present only on Strava activity NOT on SportyPal workout. The two apps have the same settings (Protected APP, NO battery saving, execution allowed when the display is off). How can i try to solve this problem?. Please feel free of asking any informations that can be useful for the purpose.

  • My Wahoo Tickr connects with my Moto X first generation and shows up with TrainerRoad. No such luck with Strava Premium. Can you address? Thanks.

  • Hi. I tried all settings you suggest in this discussion, but strava on my p9 phone still "jump" between gps positions with a straight line. Are you working for a fix? Thank you.

  • Atualizei o moto x ply para6.0.1

  • Strava doesn't work fine on Huawei P9 Lite: after an hour, Strava crashes.
    I've contacted Huawei, but dont' care about.

    So you should add Huawei phones on Strava uncompatible device

  • My Huawei p8 doesn't work with strava. It keeps closing and doesn't record full rides.

  • Ricardo Jeftha, this confirm my last post: Strava doesn't works on Huawei phones.

  • Hi, my Samsung android phone became non compatible over night, I couldn't reload the Strava app! How is this possible?

  • Last Saturday I had a "jump" between GPS positions with my Huawei P9 Lite. (Android 6.0 - Strava 5.13.0)
    This was the first time with the error after 20km (1hr). But I want to mention it because I see more people has problems with their Huawai phones.

    I've used the Strava app several times with my P9 without problems, but there I connected my P9 with a extended USB charger and used the "Stay Alive!" app. Last Saturday I didn't use the USB charger and Stay Alive app.

  • Buenas:
    Despues de la ultima actualizacion de febrero de strava, al iniciar mi actividad con mi garmin fenix 3 hr no me registra ningun dato ni gps en la app de strava. Solo me registra el tiempo total de la actividad, pero ningun otro dato. Solucionarlo por favor!!

  • Hello

    My samsung S5 doesnt connect anymore with my Ant+ heartratebelt. On my previous samsung S5 it always connected well.

  • My Samsung has become non compatible over night! this is not very good Strava, Every time you update the system i get problems.

  • Its ne esary thah the smartphone have a compass and magnetometer for best performance of Strava?

  • I have Xperia Xa ultra and its not working properly as it used to on my Motorola xplay help please

  • I have Xperia Xa ultra and its not working properly as it used to on my Motorola xplay help please

  • any news on incompatibility with Wiko RAINBOW (Android 4.4.2)? other activity tracking apps pose no problem with gps whatsoever

  • Plantage régulier sur Huawei P 8 après + 1h30 de fonctionnement

  • Strava watch where to buy please send me link ..thanks

  • Ho un cellulare Huawei G-750 e dopo aver aggiornato android non riesco più ad installare l'app da play store. Come mai?

  • Ho un cellulare Huawei.G750
    Dopo aver fatto l'aggiornamento non si installa più l'app di strava da play store
    Come mai?

  • Meu strava ta marcando errado, como ajeitar?

  • Hola, soy Pedro soy usuario de STRAVA desde hace tiempo, siempre he tenido móviles Samsung, ahora tengo un Huawei Mate 9 que es de última generación y gama alta, pero no consigue grabar ninguna ruta completa, me pueden decir si tengo que cambiar algún parámetro al móvil o cual puede ser el problema. Espero alguna respuesta. Un saludo

  • Hey, maybe someone can help me here. For over 3 weeks Strava has not been recording my bike tours correctly. Support could only help to a limited extent, and did not bring any success. I had to install a GPS app where you had to reset the signal and then upload it again. Meanwhile I emptied the cache, didn't bring anything. If anyone has an idea, report in German would be nice too. The translator also often spits out rubbish.
    Thank You and love greetings

  • How do I cancel subscription?

  • John, I've created a support ticket for you.

  • Hi Elle
    I've had Strava on my Htc One SV phone and working properly. For some reason i uninstalled it and now i'm trying to reinstall, but Strava says "your device isnt compatible with this version". I guess myversion was 5-13-0
    How can we get it back?

  • Ho comprato un huawei p8 lite 2017 e dopo un po' perdo il segnale GPS come posso fare per risolvere questo problema? Sembra che l'app si arresti in modo anomalo e si riattivi solo quando sblocco il display

  • Buenas en Colombia el strava no funciona bien con los Huawei.
    Inicia bien registrando bien, pero cuando uno termina la ruta más o menos desde 1 hora de ruta se bloquea y cuando uno termina la ruta lo abre el dice que está recuperando la actividad y muestra una línea recta desde el punto medio de la ruta, con ruta de dos horas,no se su comportamiento con rutas más cortas o largas.
    Todos los ajustes del teléfono están según las recomendaciones con uso en segundo plano y sin bloqueos.
    Que solución tienen para esto?
    Mil gracias.

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