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Audio Announcements are a great way to stay on top of your training without having to stop your activity.  Follow the steps below to enable Audio Updates every half or full mile or kilometer.

In order to enable Audio Announcements, just visit your Settings menu from within the Record Page (A).  Select the 'Audio Cues' section (B), then tap Run Announcements (C).  You can then set Audio Announcements (D) to Off, Every half mile or kilometer, or Every full mile or kilometer (depending on the units of measure set in your preferences).  

Then, just use Strava while you run as normal; you'll receive periodic updates about your time and pace over your phone's speaker or your headphones.  Please note that you'll only receive Audio Announcements when you have selected that you are recording a Run; see the General Application Use - Android article for more information.


Record_Page.png  Settings_Menu.png


  Audio_Announcements.png  Audio_Options.png

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