The Activity Feed and Basic Functionality - Android

The Activity Feed and Basic Functionality

When you first open your Strava app, you will be taken to your Activity Feed, shown below left (although you have the option to change this to the Record screen from your Settings menu).  The Feed displays currently active friends, your activities and those of the Strava athletes you follow, as well as other members of your clubs (if you've joined any). To select a specific Club feed, tap Clubs at the top right of your feed, then tap the club near the top of the page to choose.

From here you can view an activity by tapping on its map or an athlete's profile by tapping on their image; you can view Instagram images, and give Comments or Kudos.  You can also Share your own activities to various social media outlets using the Share button.  

The Feed now also displays group activities -  if one of the athletes you follow rides or runs with other Strava users, the activities of any of the other participants who you follow will be displayed as 'child' activities in your Feed - identified by being offset to the right beneath the 'parent' activity.  

The Bell icon with a number displayed in the Action Bar will alert you to any active notifications; of comments, kudos, and more - shown below right.  Tapping on a notification will bring you to the relevant activity Discussion page or athlete profile.

Activity_Feed2.png   Club_Feed2.png  Notifications2.png

There are also two functions shown that are present on every view within the Strava app - the Navigation Tab and the Settings button (provided your Android device does NOT have a dedicated Menu button).  Tapping the Navigation Tab will allow you to navigate to other functions within the Strava app (more on those functions later) as shown below left.  Tapping the Settings button will allow you to visit and modify your app's Settings, or log out of your Strava account; as shown below right.

options_menu2.png   Menu2.png

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