Recording an Activity

Record GPS-based activities with the Strava Android app

  • Record an activity
  • Pause, save, or finish an activity
  • Other recording features
  • Troubleshooting syncing

Recording an Activity

Click the plus sign icon in the lower right-hand corner to reveal the option to record an activity. Strava will default to recording the activity typeset in your Profile (Ride or Run), but you can change this by tapping the shoe or bike icon.

To begin recording, simply tap the large Record icon (the play button) near the bottom of the screen.  From there, the app will begin recording, and the timer will begin counting up.

While at the Map display, you can move the map and zoom in/out as you are used to - and if you're recording a run you'll see mile/kilometer markers along your path. Tap the location icon to focus back on your position then restart the recording or resume movement to return to the record screen.

You can also tap on Splits (if you're recording a run) or Map to see your splits and progress in real-time.

To create a Manual Activity, select the plus sign icon and choose 'Add Manual Activity'.  The manual activity page allows you to set Duration, Distance, Speed, Title, Activity Type, Time, Description, Gear, and Privacy and Sharing options.

Screenshot_20171012-141718.jpg Screenshot_20171012-141614.jpg android_recordScreen2_GPSacquired__1_.jpg



Pause, Save or Finish an Activity

To pause or finish your recording, simply the Pause icon on the screen.  This will give you the option to return to the locked screen, pause your recording, or finish your recording, as shown above, center.

Please note that it is not necessary to pause recording manually while stopped as the Strava servers will automatically calculate moving time after the activity has been uploaded.  Pausing is primarily beneficial for saving battery life if you know you'll be stopped for an extended period.

Once you have pressed the finish button, you'll be taken to the Save Activity screen, shown below right. From there you can set the activity Title, Activity Type, Description, Gear, and Privacy and Sharing options. Tap Save Activity to upload to Strava's servers - and be aware that if you tap Discard (and then confirm this choice) - there is no way for Strava to recover the activity. Your activity will appear on the Feed screen immediately and you’ll be able to view the full activity details after it is done syncing.    

android_recordScreen4_stopped.jpg Screenshot_20171012-142629.jpg

Other recording features

  • Load a Route by tapping on the Record settings icon near the bottom left of the screen. Learn more
  • Live Segments brings the experience of competing on a segment to your mobile phone. Learn more
  • Live stats like speed, cadence, heart rate, and power will show real-time values instead of averages. Runs will still use average pace. (Premium Only)
  • Connect biometric sensors like compatible heart rate, cadence, and power meters to the Strava app. Learn more 
  • You can choose to enable auto-pause for hands-free pausing or you can choose to leave auto-pause off and we will calculate your moving time when the activity uploads to our server. Learn more
  • GPS strength indicator is a halo around your location indicating accuracy. The smaller the halo the stronger the GPS signal.


 App Data Usage

While recording there is no data usage unless you're viewing the maps, or have Live Segments or Share My Activity Status turned ON. Otherwise, the app just uses GPS while recording. Once you've finished recording the app will need to transfer some data to sync the activity with the Strava servers. That's typically about 1MB for two hours of recording, so it's a pretty small amount. This can vary a bit based on GPS quality and usage of sensors such as heart rate straps, speed/cadence sensors or power meters.

There will also be some very small amount of data transfer to update your Feed. Please note, however, that if you can wait for a wifi connection to sync the activity or view the Feed then you can prevent all cellular data usage.

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