My Segment Results - Android

My Segment Results

We've re-designed the segment detail view to put efforts and leaderboard rankings front-and-center. 

  • How to find your segment efforts
  • Leaderboard Overview for a segment
  • My Results Graph
  • Analyze your effort 

How to Find your Segment Efforts

  • Tap on a segment from the Segment view on an Activity (Image 1) or from the Explorer page (Image 2).
  • Locate the "My Results" button (Image 3, button A).
  • Tap the button to see all of your results on the "My Results" graph.

Image 1

Image 2


Image 3


Leaderboard Overview

  • You can now see your approximate and exact rank on all leaderboards with just a glance.
  • Leaderboard ranks will be displayed if the athlete has an effort on that leaderboard (B). A small visualization (“pancakes”) indicates where that particular rank sits within the population of efforts on that leaderboard. The higher the stack, the higher your rank in the leaderboard. 
  • The mobile leaderboards will default to your gender. For even more filters, log on to 
  • If you do not have a qualifying effort for a leaderboard, this section will be left blank (C).
  • Premium Athletes: Premium leaderboards (by age and by weight) are at the bottom of this screen(D)

Swipe upwards to find the Leaderboards

Segment.png   Leaderboards2.png

 My Results Graph

  • All of your efforts for a particular segment are plotted on a graph— the X axis (E) represents the date of an effort and the Y axis (F) represents an effort's time.
  • The white dots represent the efforts that are currently in view below the graph. Scroll up and down the efforts list or right and left on the graph to see more efforts. 
  • Your PR will be represented as a gold dot (G).
  • If you navigated to the My Results page from an activity, that activity's effort will be represented with a red line (H).
  • Tap any time from the efforts list to be taken to that activity page.


Analyze your Effort

If you are viewing a segment effort from your activity (Image 1), tap Analyze (I) to see  a detailed view of that effort (Image2)

  • Toggle between the effort associated with the activity you were viewing (J) and your personal records (K). In the example below, the activity we were viewing contained the all-time PR so our 2nd best effort will be shown as a comparison. If you have multiple efforts, you'll see your 1st–3rd PRs as well as the effort you're viewing (Image 3).
  • Scrub along the graph (L) to see your ride metrics for any given point in the segment. 
  • If you have biometric sensor data (M) in your activity, those graphs will be plotted over of the elevation profile. If you do not have any sensor data, you'll only see your speed graph plotted over the elevation profile. 

Image 1

Image 2


Image 3


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