My Profile

Navigate to your profile on the Android app by opening the side navigation (three lines in the upper-right) and tapping your name

Editing your Profile

Tapping the pencil icon (highlighted below) on the upper-right will allow you to edit your personal information including your profile picture and default activity type; just remember to tap "Done" in the top-right corner when you finish.

Screenshot_20200320-132614_Strava.jpg Screenshot_20180516-183317.jpg

Managing Followers

You can view the athletes you are following and the athletes following you by selecting the respective buttons (highlighted below.) If at any time you wish to remove someone as one of your followers, you can find more information here.  


Progress Goals (Summit)

  • Setting a goal:  To set a goal, tap on the pencil and select distance or time. From there, you can select a value. Once a goal has been set, you can view your goal's progress on the circle graphic on your Profile page.
  • This week: See your distance for the week as well as the relative progress day by day on a Monday – Sunday schedule. If you have a time goal, Time will be represented as the big number. You can swipe back to previous weeks in the Progress Goals section of the profile by scrubbing along the 12-week chart. 

Screenshot_20190816-180200_Strava.jpg Screenshot_20190816-180214_Strava.jpg

Other Features:

  • See your progress week-after-week. The maximum value on the y-axis is the biggest week of the past 12. These values will be in distance unless you have set a time goal, in which case the y-axis will be in time.  Scrub along the chart to see your progress week to week.
  • View your current Challenges, your Trophy Case, and Clubs you've joined.
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