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Selecting My Profile from the Navigation Tab will bring you to an overview of all of your activity on Strava. From there, you can view the athletes you are following and those that are following you, as well as finding new athletes by name or through Facebook (A). You can also view a list of your recent activities, or see your Activity Summary for the past four weeks (B) - both for Cycling and for Running.  

Tapping the pencil icon (C) on the right side of the Action Bar will allow you to edit your profile to modify your personal information including your profile picture and default activity type (D); just remember to tap Done in the top-right corner when you finish.  

From your profile page, tap the orange Find Athletes button to search for new athletes (E) - you can search for Facebook friends that are already on Strava, search by athlete name, or invite new users to join Strava with their email address.  When you find a new athlete you want to follow, just tap the orange 'Add Follower' icon next to their name or on their profile page.  For more information on finding and inviting friends on mobile, see this article. 

Finally, if at any time you wish to remove someone as one of your followers, simply visit their profile page from your list of Followers by tapping on their name, then tap the Menu button and select Remove From Followers.  To stop following someone, from that user's profile page or your own list of athletes you follow, tap the "following" icon and select Unfollow (F).

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Progress Goals / New Profile

Progress_Goals.png  Weekly_Goals_Copy.png

Progress Goals: 

Progress goals are a premium feature—to learn more about the benefits of Premium, please visit this article. 

Setting a goal:  To set a goal, tap on the pencil and select distance or time. From there, you can select a value. Once a goal has been set, you can view your goal's progress on the circle graphic on your Profile page.

This week: See your distance for the week as well as the relative progress day by day on a Monday – Sunday schedule. If you have a time goal, Time will be represented as the big number. You can swipe back to previous weeks in the Progress Goals section of the profile by scrubbing along the 12-week chart.


Other Features:

12-week trend chart: See your progress week-after-week. The maximum value on the y axis is the biggest week of the past 12. These values will be in distance unless you have set a time goal, in which case the y axis will be in time.  Scrub along the chart to see your progress week to week. 



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