The Segment Explorer - Android

The Segment Explorer

The segment explorer provides you a way to find new and popular segments to go ride or run - shown below left. You can move and zoom the map display just like in other mapping applications, or use the bullseye icon to focus on your location - and the most popular segments within the displayed view will be highlighted.  Search for segments in a different location by using the magnifying glass icon; switch between Running and Cycling segments - or select to search specifically for categorized climb segments - with the bike or shoe icon.  Switch between the Satellite, Terrain, and Map views using the Layers icon in the Action Bar.  Finally, you can select to view segments as a list instead of on the map by tapping the List icon.

segmentexplore1.png  segmentexplore_2.png  segmentexplore_3.png

Tap on a segment from the list, or on a segment marker from the map to view the name of the segment, and tap again on the name of the segment to navigate to that segment page - shown above right.  From here you can view overall information about the segment, analyze your recent efforts, and view the full leaderboard (with all Premium filtering options present) as shown above in the Viewing Activities section.

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