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Routes that you create or star at will automatically show up in your Routes list on your mobile device. You can follow a Route during your recording to stay on course or bring you back to the start

Selecting the Routes option from your Profile page (shown below) will allow you to view any Routes that you created or starred.

Screenshot_2017-05-16-16-08-52.png Screenshot_2017-05-16-16-13-15.png Screenshot_2017-05-16-16-13-34.png

From here you can search through your routes and choose to Use, Star, or Share the route. You can also view a Satellite or Terrain view of your route.

Screenshot_2017-05-16-16-13-42.png Screenshot_2017-05-16-16-13-48.png

To use your route, select 'Use Route'. Once you start recording, the Strava mobile app will keep you on course. Should you need to head back early, a “Route Back to Start” feature will plot the most efficient path back to the start of your activity. If need be, you can also switch or clear the route. To get to these options, pause your activity and select the route icon highlighted below.

android_recordScreen4_stopped.jpg Screenshot_20171012-161402.png

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