Profile Page and Progress Goals - Android

Your activity page is a hub for your personal workout information. Navigate to your profile by tapping the profile button (image of a person) on the bottom of the app. 


Profile1.png  Profile2.png

Progress Goals: 

Progress goals are a premium feature—to learn more about the benefits of Premium, please visit this article. 

Setting a goal:  To set a goal, tap on the pencil and select distance or time. From there, you can select a value. Once a goal has been set, you can view your goal's progress on the circle graphic on your Profile page.

This week: See your distance for the week as well as the relative progress day by day on a Monday – Sunday schedule. If you have a time goal, Time will be represented as the big number. To view your stats for past weeks, swipe left on the 'This Week' section.

Other Features:

12-week trend chart: See your progress week-after-week. The maximum value on the y axis is the biggest week of the past 12. These values will be in distance unless you have set a time goal, in which case the y axis will be in time.  


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